This Mom's Ode to Overwhelmed Parents Will Make You Feel 67 Times Better About Being Stressed

Danielle Cleaveland, a mom and blogger from North Carolina, knows that parenting is truly a job unlike any other. While she certainly feels pressure to keep the house clean and get all her errands done, she knows that sometimes raising respectable human beings gets the better of parents. In an effort to make moms feel less alone, she recently shared an ode to those who are trying to do it all, and it definitely hits home.

"To the mom that is too tired to fold another load of laundry. I see you," she wrote. "To the mom that is sitting on the messy floor full of toys with no idea where to start. I see you. To the mom who feels guilt for yelling at her kids. I see you. To the mom that is watching Netflix at nap time when the sink is full of dishes. I see you."

To Danielle, it's no surprise that the bad days can seem, well, really bad. She wants parents to know that they're not alone in their struggles, whether they're trying to juggle a trip to the supermarket or simply feed themselves.

"To the mom with tears running down her face because she can't get the baby to stop crying. I see you," she continued. "To the mom eating a cold dinner so everyone else can eat. I see you. To the mom who feels alone. I see you. To the mom who just braved a grocery store with toddlers alone. I see you."

And unfortunately, just because your children get older doesn't necessarily make your role as a parent any easier. "To the mom who stays up late making lunches. I see you," she added. "To the mom who wakes up early just to have a minute to herself. I see you. To the mom who hasn't showered in days. I see you. Mama. I see you; I am you. You are not alone."