A Pregnant Woman Pulled the Ultimate Prank on Her Husband Using Empty Boxes

Mother of two Melissa Beeler pulled the ultimate prank on her husband, who asked her to rein in her online shopping. In a now-trending TikTok video, she filmed his reaction to what can only be described as a sh*t ton of packages sitting outside their house. Pregnant with her third child, Melissa saved all of her empty boxes from the past few weeks and told her husband that she'd simply ordered "some" baby gear.

"I had to buy some stuff for the baby's room," she said with a laugh. "Yeah, the baby needed some things." Naturally, her husband was utterly floored by her "purchases," and the situation became even more hilarious when a UPS driver nonchalantly dropped another two items onto the pile mid-video.

"That UPS guy made the prank so much better," wrote one person in the comments. Another commented, "The UPS guy knew exactly what the husband was thinking."