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What to Wear to a Job Interview

7 Interview Outfits Perfect For Any Office Dress Code

What to Wear to a Job Interview
Image Source: Darrel Hunter

Testing the fashion waters when planning the perfect job interview outfit can be a bit tricky, but rather than panic, pull apart your closet, and splurge on a brand-new ensemble, there's a quick fix: simple style inspiration pulled from the feeds of influencers, editors, and the like. Whether you are seeking something creative or are a corporate-world hopeful, we've rounded up a few ideas ahead, helping you nail the distinct aesthetic — from conservative to slightly trendy — that comes with each industry.

While teachers may want to opt for something demure (think: pussy-bow blouses, knee-length or midi dresses, loafers, and prints that are easy on the eye, but still show a hint of personality), a fashion, beauty, or pop culture journalist can feel a bit more lax approaching a media atmosphere that may even welcome jeans. If your interview falls in the spring or summer, don't be afraid to show a hint of skin in a well-tailored sleeveless vest or an airy skirt — especially if it's going to make you feel more comfortable while being quizzed on your past experiences. Finally, if you've been told that your interview will be casual, you should feel free to work in a favorite color or accessory that adds an element of intrigue. Perhaps it will even end up being a conversation starter that quells the nerves upon your arrival.

So breathe, prep that résumé, and walk into your next interview with confidence — and a killer outfit.

— Additional reporting by Hannah Weil-McKinley

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