31 Queer Fashion Influencers on How They Express Their Personal Style

Choosing who to follow on Instagram — especially if you're scrolling through your feed on the regular — is important. The brands and influencers you interact with may impact your day, change your mood, and affect your consumer behaviors. Fashion influencers, for instance, inspire you to experiment with your style and try outfits that speak to your distinct personality. They are a reliable resource for everyday inspo and often seem more accessible than your typical A-list celebrity. Looking for a little who-to-follow guidance? Check out this lineup of 31 creatives, artists, designers, and models.

"Although it might seem [that my favorite color is black], don't let me fool you. I have all the vibrant colors of the rainbow oozing from within."

All part of the LGBTQ+ community, these stylish individuals are some of our go-to sources for wardrobe tips and tricks. In their own individual ways, they help us understand that taste is ever-evolving and unique. Editor-in-chief of OutThere Uwern Jong summarizes it best: "Although it might seem from my feed as I travel the world that my favorite color is black, don't let me fool you, I have all the vibrant colors of the rainbow oozing from within." And even when these tastemakers are juggling various projects, you can trust that they share content through their own lens. Keep scrolling to hear directly from the influencers themselves as they describe their aesthetic to POPSUGAR. One thing that binds them? Their commitment to ensuring that their true character shines through in their day-to-day wardrobe.

Chella Man

Artist, director, and author Chella Man says, "My style mainly revolves around peachy or coffee-colored 'fits that are comfortable yet functional."

Owin Pierson

Digital creator Owin Pierson says, "As someone who strives to be as sustainable as possible, and also travels most of the year with a carry-on suitcase, it's important for me to find staple quality items to wear and keep long-term. My style is a combination of preppy and cozy. Nothing beats a plain white tee to easily dress up or down an outfit. I wear mainly neutral tones with pops of gold glam, and my favorite accessories include faux leather and chunky shoes."

Alysse Dalessandro

Digital creator Alysse Dalessandro says, "Being 'ready to stare' means that when you exist outside the beauty norm and you're confident in who you are, people will stare, and my personal style is much a reflection of that. I don't let other people's opinions of my body determine what I wear. I love standing out. Rainbow is my favorite color, and cheetah print is a neutral. Fran Fine on 'The Nanny' is my biggest style icon. My style has been described as 'doing the most' in all of the best possible ways."


Model, advocate, and writer Devin-Norelle says, "I like to say I'm very much a product of Harlem, the neighborhood where I grew up. We love bright, loud colors, statement outfits, and threads that scream, 'I'm here, the party is finally starting.'"

Matthew Mazur

Creative director and style consultant Matthew Mazur says, "My style is ever-changing and temperamental with foundations in tradition and heritage, while at the same time dismantling those very ideas. High-Low, Feminine-Masculine, Conservative-Risqué, Casual-Formal — all dualities that exist within me and I express through my style."

Cruz Rendon

Talent scout and writer Cruz Rendon says, "My style is influenced by my culture and the rockstar fantasy I want to live in. A lot of times I find myself challenging my conservative and traditionally Mexican upbringing. I pay homage to vaquero and cowboy culture because my family is full of actual cowboys and cowgirls. Once my family moved to the US, I listened to lots of metal and rock music and I wanted to be a rockstar. While I was young, my friends would laugh at me for dressing up in cowboy boots and a cowboy hat because they didn't understand that this was part of my culture. I started to hate it and wanted nothing to do with it. Now, I embrace it and want to make it my own. I ask myself: What does a rockstar cowboy look like? That's what I want to embody. How can I make a vaquero androgynous? More queer? More like me."

Tyris Winter

Artist and Vans ambassador Tyris Winter says, "I describe my style as an homage to the Black beauty and queer glamour of the '70s. For me, clothing is a way to express my spirit and celebrate my identity unrestricted — which is why I make so much of what I wear. My style is a celebration of my Blackness, my queerness, and my life.💚"


Musician Teraj says, "My style is constantly evolving as I discover more about myself while being heavily influenced by my travels. My current look can be described as 'understated chic.' In addition to what can be perceived visually, I'm often captivated by fragrances and have built up a bad ass collection. A scent has the capacity to transport us to a very specific time and place in our lives and can leave a lasting impression in terms of how we present ourselves. Elevating my fashion aesthetic with a curated fragrance collection has been a complete game-changer for me."

Jv Librea

Designer and artist Jv Librea says, "I love anything that's old, chic, and feels lived in. Also, a good mixture of classic and new is always fun."

Ziggy Mack-Johnson

Stylist, influencer, and designer Ziggy Mack-Johnson says, "I would describe my style as a flamboyant trade, meaning I'm always going to have a splash, or maybe a jar of flamboyance to every 'fit, while still showing my masculine side."

Ivanka DeKoning

Social media coach and content creator Ivanka DeKoning says, "I'm a queer femme and fashion industry veteran sharing how beauty, fashion, and lifestyle represents my LGBTQ+ identity through visual storytelling. Through my content, I also share my personal journey of finding balance in everything I do to create joy and fulfillment. Each post I put out is created to inspire, motivate, and elicit joy, and also aimed to educate my followers on how to use their own voice as a video creator."

Caleb Felix

Actor, Converse All Star, and model Caleb Felix says, "The COVID era has made me appreciate every opportunity to express myself when heading out of the house so I've found my style all over the place, from casual, baggy 'fits to well-fitted garments making me feel a little more sexy while strutting down the street. I'm growing fonder of stripes and different browns. Browns are my favorite color to wear right now, despite the image above."

Uwern Jong

Luxury travel experientialist and editor-in-chief of OutThere magazine Uwern Jong says, "My personal style reflects the person I am and the diversity I represent — i.e. that I'm someone who proudly celebrates being comfortable in my own skin and I wear whatever I feel suits the/my vibe that day. Although it might seem from my feed as I travel the world that my favorite color is black, don't let me fool you. I have all the vibrant colors of the rainbow oozing from within."


All-gender menswear stylist a.dior says, "I consider my style to be relaxed and cozy and forever evolving. No matter which style I'm into at any given time, my main goal is comfortability all while looking fresh at the same time and keeping it unique."


Artist and poet Ziggy says, "My style has a significance to being unique and bold. The sole purpose is to stand out enough to be seen as different and androgynous."

Radam Ridwan

Writer, creator, and poser Radam Ridwan says, "My personal style is the opposite of minimalism. I'm not afraid to be messy, colorful, and overwhelmingly mis-matched. Some call my looks 'too much,' but I say they're 'more than enough.'"

Jamie Windust

Author, presenter, and model Jamie Windust says, "For me fashion has always been a place of irony — a place for freedom and exploration. As I change emotionally so does my fashion, and I love watching both of them change in line with each other. It's all just a bit of fun with fashion."

Madison Werner

Trans queer advocate Madison Werner says, "Fashion is my opportunity to combat gender dysphoria (discomfort with my assigned body and gender) and express my authentic identity. I feel most myself when I partner masculine and feminine streetwear, like Jordan sneakers and vintage denim with sleek crop tops and makeup artistry." Read an interview about how Madison curated her closet here.

Eli Erlick

Writer and speaker Eli Erlick says, "Fashion was never supposed to be about gender, only expression. I dress imagining a future of gender-free and gender-ful fashion, where every individual has full agency over how they dress."

Brandon Haye

Model Brandon Haye says, "If I had to summarize what my personal style is I would say it's anything that makes me feel comfortable and confident. I always tell my friends if you don't want to marry a piece of clothing it's not worth buying and I try to live by that whenever I put an outfit together."

Wanda Banda

Supermodel, actor, and entrepreneur Wanda Banda says, "Comfort is the most important thing for me when it comes to what I'm wearing. I'd describe my style as laidback, but super-cute. I don't think it's necessarily about what you're wearing, but how you're wearing it. Take a trash bag and make it cute."

Gabi + Shanna of 27 Travels

Digital creators and producers Gabi + Shanna are a couple who travel the world together.

Gabi says, "In terms of my style I like taking risks. I like things that are feminine, but not too girly — dresses and ruffles aren't really my thing. I also love pieces that are edgy and fun and would definitely consider my style to be on the edgier side. I've never met a band shirt or pair of boots that I didn't like, and I love to accessorize with some chunky silver jewelry and as many rings as possible."

Shanna says, "I consider my personal style to be a mix between what is traditionally feminine and masculine. I tend to wear pieces that are trendy but causal, because that's what I feel the most comfortable in. My favorite way to shop is at thrift stores because I feel like I can find things that are my style for an affordable price."

Ben Pechey

Digital creator Ben Pechey says, "I draw my personal style from the powerful energy the freedom my gender identity has brought me. There are no rules to dressing, and I embrace that fully when I get dressed — and this makes for a very exciting sartorial journey."

Kale Houchens

Model Kale Houchens says, "My style is a teetering balance of femininity and masculinity. I live loud and proud without anyone's approval."


Content creator and artist Danie says, "I'd say my style varies a bit between 'soft boi casual,' 'the way I wished I dressed in high school emo chic,' and 'possibly stole some of these shirts from Harry Styles's closet flare.' I think fashion is such a fun form of expression, and trying new pieces and accessories is all about experimenting with what catches your eye. No wrong answers, just have fun with it and be confident in your choices."

Ty Martin

Artist and Converse All Star Ty Martin says, "My personal style is cool and effortless. I love clothes I'm able to move around in and that give me confidence."

Tereza Žofie

Model and Converse All-Star Tereza Žofie says, "I enjoy wearing comfy clothes in which I feel comfortable and super swaggy at the same time. I often wear colors because it makes me happy."

Timur Katz

Hair pro and model Timur Katz says, "I consider my personal style as very fluid in terms of gender. I am non-binary femme, and in my style you will always see balance between masculinity and feminine energy. I love to break the barriers within me and try new things. I'm a Butch Femme."

Ylenia Riniti

Traveler and public figure Ylenia Riniti says, "I would define my style as 'tomboy.' I like to wear exclusively men's clothes (I find them much more beautiful than women's clothes), but mostly because they reflect my way of being. In my wardrobe there must always be simple short-sleeved T-shirts and ripped jeans. But I like to be creative and can vary from casual to elegant or sporty."

Barry Hoy

Digital creator Barry Hoy says, "I consider my general style to be casual, because that reflects who I am, and also because I love traveling with only with a carry-on. Comfortable, multi-purpose items are key. For me, it's not about what people think, but rather letting my personality shine through and being confident in how I present myself to the world."

Xandro Miguell

Artist, photographer, and Converse All Star Xandro Miguell says, "If I could describe my personal style, I would have to say that it is a fusion of the '70s and '80s glam rock era with a hint of Japanese streetwear. I hold these inspirations close to my heart as they represent the beginning of androgynous fashion and its movement."