You'll Want to Factor Adele's Beaded Burberry Dress Right Into Your Wardrobe

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Adele has mastered the art of capturing our attention on stage: it starts with that smashing voice, and ends with whatever amazing gown she's wearing. When the performer — who just sent the world abuzz after announcing her international tour dates — took the stage at The X Factor, she was wearing a custom netted Burberry dress that would make any girl go wild, especially during the holiday season.

Though the design was all black, its sheer sleeves and glowing beads proved Adele knows that when it comes to style, it's all about the little details. The singer even chopped her hair into a fresh new bob to better show off her gown! Read on to watch Adele do what she does best — take the audience's breath away by singing "Hello" — then shop her eye-catching designer look!

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Adele posed backstage with Olly Murs, showing off a better view of her sequined gown.


Her sheer beaded sleeves glittered as she performed "Hello."