My Legs Are Wobbly Just Watching Ariana Grande Perform in These Wild Platform Heels

Breaking news: Ariana Grande officially solidified her membership in the Strong Ankles Club on Tuesday night, joining its reigning president Lady Gaga. The "Positions" singer is no stranger to rocking sky-high stilettos, but she took things to new heights during a surprise appearance on The Late Late Show this week. For a musical Hairspray-inspired skit on the show, Ariana wore a head-to-toe (well, shoulder-to-toe, technically speaking) yellow outfit, including a pair of particularly wild platform heels that I couldn't help but zero in on.

Hailing from Versace's fall 2021 collection, the shoes feature a chunky heel, delicate embellished ankle strap, and dual-level platform, 'cause just one level wasn't steep enough for Mrs. Gomez. She shimmied in them, she strutted in them, she rode a luggage cart through the streets in them, and most importantly and impressively, she maintained her balance throughout the entire segment while belting out the lyrics of "No Lockdowns Anymore" alongside James Corden. It personally would've been game over for me when the luggage cart rolled on out.

As for the rest of her outfit, it may look familiar to those who are intimately familiar with Ariana's wardrobe. This past March, she wore the same belted minidress in sparkly gold, paired with the same platform heels in black. Perhaps she's been practicing walking in the sky-high shoes since then? Regardless, you simply must read ahead to watch her catchy late-night skit and admire her sunny outfit and heels.

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Ariana Grande's Exact Outfit on the Versace Runway

Ariana Grande's Exact Outfit on the Versace Runway

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