Ashley Graham Makes Snacking on the Couch Look Classy in These Stylish Quarantine Outfits

Ashley Graham is living her most stylish quarantine life and treating every day like a runway show — accessories and all. Dressing up while staying at home has definitely been a mood booster for many, but Ashley has been taking it to a whole new level with her photo shoot-worthy outfits and the picture-perfect poses to match. "Just vibing in my (faux) ostrich feathers," she captioned a TikTok on March 25, which features clips of her looking "casually" stylish around the house.

Where shoes are something I slip on occasionally to get the mail, Ashley lounges on the couch eating snacks in high heels and biker shorts. When it's time for a business call — aka another endless Zoom meeting — she misses no opportunity to slip into her sexiest LBD and the strappy heels to match. And no pair of comfy leggings or sweats can compete with Ashley's $320 Party Pajama Set With Double Feather Trim, which she likes to wear while unloading the dishwasher and doing chores around the house.

Ashley deems these "outfits I wear because I have nothing else to do," but I will now be referring to them as my at-home style inspiration for the foreseeable future. Realistically, sweats and a t-shirt are going to win out over my dressier outfits most of the time, but at least I can live vicariously through all of Ashley's extravagant style moments. See her surprisingly chic stay-at-home looks here.