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Best Wedding Dresses of 2019

From Sexy Styles to Modest Masterpieces — These Are the Best Wedding Dresses of 2019

Dani Michelle's Vera Wang Wedding Dress
Image Source: Michael Segal

Every year holds a new batch of weddings that we can enjoy and drool over, and 2019's ceremonies were filled with love, romance, and stunning dresses. From Hailey Baldwin's uniquely embellished pearl dress that hinted at her edgy street style to Sophie Turner's secretive Louis Vuitton number, there were so many gowns that blew our socks heels off. Whether it was a member of royalty, a model, an influencer, or a celebrity stylist, this year's brides upped the ante when it comes to bridal style. There were so many glamorous styles and sexy looks that can't be topped, we're overwhelmed. So move over, 2018, because 2019 set the bridal bar high. Have a look at the dazzling dresses ahead.

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