Out of All of Cheryl's Outfits on Riverdale Season 3, This Is Madelaine Petsch's Favorite

When it comes to fashion on Riverdale, Cheryl Blossom is the HBIC. While Veronica is super chic and Betty is totally preppy, we always go crazy for Cheryl's killer looks. Seriously, her choker necklaces are iconic! Though Cheryl has a soft spot for cherry-red outfits, this season we've seen her play a little bit more with colors.

In fact, one of Madelaine Petsch's favorite looks from this season is actually a pink ensemble. When we spoke with the Riverdale actress about her new M3 sunglasses collection at Privé Revaux on May 9, she teased Cheryl's season three finale look. "I wear the cutest Miu Miu top," she explained. "It's almost a see-through pink with red detail and a red tie around my neck and then a really cute red skirt, naturally. I just love the outfit. It is so cute."

While Petsch tends to go for green and royal colors herself, she admitted that she does love to give a little nod to her character every once in a while with her outfits. "I always like to throw a little dash of red in everything I do just because it is a little homage to my girl," she said. Hence her new red Monroe sunglasses, which she added would "of course" be Cheryl's favorite. The Monroe sunglasses, along with the Mads and Matrix, are part of Madelaine's second collection with the brand and will be available for purchase on May 27. In the meantime, see more of Cheryl's best outfits from season three ahead!