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Christian Siriano Creates Universal Symbol For Used Clothing

Christian Siriano Created the World's First Thrift Symbol For ThredUp, "Because Throwaway Fashion Culture Is a Problem"

Christian Siriano Creates Universal Symbol For Used Clothing
Image Source: Courtesy of thredUP

Christian Siriano has spent the past several months brainstorming ways to better our future and putting his ideas into action. He was one of the first fashion designers to convert his studio into a workspace for making face masks, donating thousands to those on the frontlines fighting COVID-19. He made a political statement on his spring '21 runway with a Vote dress that was famously worn by Lizzo and encouraged fans to head to the polls. He helped Leslie Jones stand up for the Black community at the People's Choice Awards, designing a suit that listed victims of police brutality. Siriano is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to using his art, his platform, and his energy to make a difference, and his latest venture is plain proof.

Christian has partnered with secondhand marketplace ThredUp to design the first-ever universal symbol for used clothing. It's a hanger icon improved, bringing in the cyclical arrows reminiscent of the "reduce, reuse, recycle" image. This symbol is meant for consumers to wear proudly to show they are promoting sustainability by extending the life of clothing. Rather than buying new, they are outwardly committing to fighting fashion waste. Siriano told POPSUGAR that he's already ironed it onto some of his own vintage tees and blazers, and he has already confirmed a celebrity style moment — Lily Collins will be wearing the icon on a chic top very soon.

"The fact that an iconic fashion designer is actively supporting secondhand says something about the future of fashion."

While you can purchase the patch directly at ThredUp for $5 in a variety of shapes and sizes, apparel resellers can also buy up these patches in bulk to redistribute at their stores. Plus, ThredUp has updated pieces from its current secondhand inventory with a preapplied patch available for sale now, if this news puts you in the mood to thrift.

If you're sitting there wondering why it's important to show others that you're a thrifter, Christian said it to us best: "Logos have power. They say something about who you are and what you stand for. The 'Thrift Logo' shows you care about sustainability, while a local brand logo shows you care about small business . . . What we wear matters, and clothes have the power to inspire positive change," he said.

It's important to note that Christian's work on this project is not only inspiring, but also hopefully very telling as to how fashion designers will interpret their roles down the line. "The fact that an iconic fashion designer is actively supporting secondhand says something about the future of fashion. We believe collaboration is the key to creating a more sustainable future and we hope this partnership inspires other designers, retailers, and resellers to work together toward this common goal," James Reinhart, ThredUp's CEO and cofounder, said.

Keep reading to see the thrifting symbol in action and read an exclusive interview with Christian, where he explains to POPSUGAR why this was one of the many undertakings he knew he had to carry out at a time when the fashion industry itself is what so sorely needs a makeover.

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