Leslie Jones's Pantsuit Pays Tribute to the Black Lives Matter Movement: "YAS, I Do Look Good"

Leslie Jones worked with her stylist Brian McPhatter and designer Christian Siriano on a very special look for the 2020 People's Choice Awards. Siriano crafted her a black pantsuit with flared trousers and wide lapels, which she wore over a simple bodysuit to draw attention to the metallic lettering that shimmered across the outfit — Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Trayvon Martin, Rayshard Brooks, and more names of victims of police brutality were emblazoned in a big, bold font. The detail matched Jones's Black Lives Matter face mask that she put on to complete the ensemble for the red carpet. In our opinion, she'd already won just by making such an important statement with her fashion choice, but Jones also went on to accept the PCA for the comedy act of 2020, in recognition of her film Time Machine.

"I want to thank team Leslie — my stylist Brian, my makeup artist Lola, my hair dresser Dennis — YAS, I do look good, thank you," she began as she strutted back and forth next to the microphone with a laugh. Though she has a point; half the battle of winning an award is dressing up and preparing to get there (especially during the COVID-19 pandemic), and it was Leslie's personal choice to select an outfit that continues to encourage a conversation around the justice that is due to these victims and their families. Her outfit didn't just attract the spotlight for being a bright color or interesting texture, like so many other red carpet looks. "#SAYTHEIRNAMES" McPhatter wrote on his Instagram Story with a close-up video of the suit ahead of the show. Scroll down to see more of Jones's look, and then watch her speech in full, which finishes on an empowering note about the importance of voting.

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Watch Leslie Jones's Speech at the People's Choice Awards