17 Pairs of Comfortable Shoes That Have Become Fashion-Influencer Staples

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Even with all the sneaker collaborations there are to get excited about, we still come back to some of our most classic styles. If you're a Vans person, you either have Sk8-His or Old Skools. If you're a Converse fan, you've got your go-to Chucks. Beyond sneakers, there are plenty more comfortable shoe labels making silhouettes that have practically become iconic at this point.

Mainstays like Teva, UGG, and Dr. Martens will always have a place in our wardrobe. If you are shopping for luxury and want a designer shoe that's actually easy to get around in, there are Gucci loafers and Chanel ballerinas for that. We're sure you already have plenty of outfits to work with these shoes, and if you don't, you'll find some inspiration ahead. Most importantly, we're here to make sure you're equipped with these cult-favorite styles.

We're filling you in on all the details about the functional footwear we consider staples and offering you two top-pick pairs in each category β€” the first being more basic, and the second embellished with extra details. At the end of the day, you're going to be stylish and comfortable, and that's what matters most, right?

β€” Additional reporting by Maggie Boyle and Samantha Sutton


Nike Air Max

These get a boost of cool at the heel, and their mixed materials give them extra dimension. Pare them back with simple ankle socks and your LBDS or gray sweats to let them stand out.


Converse Chuck Taylor

Michelle Obama owns multiple pairs of Chucks, and it's easy to see why. The Converse kick looks good on everyone, goes well with everything, and can be worn year-round.



UGG is constantly revamping its aesthetic with new fuzzy slides and collabs, and the fashion world has happily welcomed the ever-comfortable shoes back into the street style world.


Nike Air Force 1s

Air Force 1s are a classic and under $100. They give off a casual street style and can be dressed up or down.


Dr. Martens

These badass boots give you an instant '90s grunge flair and, contrary to popular belief, can be worn year-round! During the winter, these bad boys will keep your feet warm in the snow, while in the summer, they look adorable with a minidress or cutoff shorts.



While they make Vans in some seriously cool colors and patterns, you can't go wrong with a classic black-and-white style.



While there are surely high-fashion iterations of the famous dad sandal (see Prada and Chanel), Teva is your best bet for an affordable price point. These shoes are supportive, most importantly, and they give any elevated outfit a sporty twist.


New Balance N Logo Sneaker

Another style that proves dads and fashion bloggers have similar taste? New Balance sneakers, embellished with the N and everything. Of course, you could actually utilize these puppies for a workout, too.


Chunky Fila Sneakers

These '90s-inspired platform sneakers are like your refreshed Skechers from the '90s. Sport them with biker shorts or a thick sock to achieve the look.


Adidas Originals

These shoes have been a classic for decades and have recently come back into style. The classic three stripes come in tons of cute colors, and there are lots of ways to style them. And just like the Stan Smith, the Adidas Superstar β€” aka the "shell toe" β€” is pretty darn versatile, but the bonus details on the front and sides give it a sportier look.


Superga Sneakers

Supergas come in some of the coolest colors, patterns, and textures in the sneaker market, making them recognizable when you zoom in close. Because of all the print options, these give your outfit an exciting twist.


Air Jordans

If you prefer a chunky high-top that really overtakes your outfit and makes a statement, the Air Jordan sneaker is for you. You'll go wild trying to sort through all the color options and details on these shoes, and a lot of them are collectibles, so make sure they speak to your personality.


Gucci Loafers

Furry, not furry, with a back, without a back β€” just slip these babies on and your outfit will immediately become elevated.


Golden Goose Superstar Sneaker

Printed, distressed, leather, sparkly β€” Golden Goose sneakers come in so many styles, you might have a hard time picking just one. Despite all the added details, their signature is that they look lived in, and that will never change.


Chanel Flats

They may be a little pricey, but even costume designers swear by Chanel flats. These beautiful ballerinas will last you for years to come, and they practically feel like slippers on your feet. Ask anyone β€” they'll forever be a classic.



The only thing we dislike about Birks is that we can't wear them in the winter β€” unless we layer five pairs of socks.


The Row Ginza Sandals

The vote is in: when it comes to a thong sandal with a little lift, The Row's Ginza is a fan favorite. Of course, these will cost you β€” especially if you shop for an elevated take with mixed materials or a thicker heel.