27 Things You Didn't Know About Style Star Chiara Ferragni

Flawlessly styled outfits, must-see destinations, a front-row seat at Fashion Week — this is just some of what you'll find if you follow top blogger Chiara Ferragni, aka The Blonde Salad. But while those pictures are worth a thousand words, they don't say much about the style star, such as how she rose to fame or what she did before then. So we did our research, unearthing the facts about the Italian beauty that you might not even know yet.

From the way to say her name to how she formed her business, read on to get better acquainted with Chiara. Once you're through, we promise — you might love her even more.


Chiara Is 28 Years Old

She was born on May 7, 1987.


She Was Born in Cremona, Italy


Her Name Is Pronounced Kee-arah Fare-ah-nee

It's Italian!


She Started Out Posting Photos on Lookbook.nu and Flickr

She just wanted to share her style.


But She Used to Be a Model When She Was Younger

On her blog, she once wrote, "At the age of 16 I've been chosen by Beatrice Models agency in Milan and I worked with them for some years. I stopped because I found other inspirations, other goals to reach in my life."


Chiara Started Her Blog in 2009

And called it The Blonde Salad because it was a "salad" of her, including everything from travel to videos to her passions and, of course, her outfits.


Chiara Started Her Company With Then-Boyfriend Riccardo Pozzoli


And Even Though They're Broken Up Now, They Still Work Together

Clearly, there's no hard feelings.


The Two Even Share a Dog, Matilda


Her Current Boyfriend Is Andrew Arthur

He is a photographer and sometimes snaps Chiara's photo.


They Own a Home Together in LA's Silver Lake — and It Has a Massive Closet



In 2010, Chiara Debuted Her Shoe Collection

The Chiara Ferragni Collection.


In 2015, Chiara's Site, Appearances, and Partnerships Earned Her $2.5 Million


While the Chiara Ferragni Collection Brought In $7.5 Million Last Year


Her Business Was Even Recently Studied by Harvard Business School

They needed to know how she did it!


She Used to Study Law at Bocconi University

But then went on to pursue fashion.


She Wears Glasses When She's on the Computer

She admitted that in a video on her blog.


Chiara Enjoys Traveling So Much, She Has a Map Tattoo


And She Has Her Own Hashtag

#TheBlondeSaladNeverStops. She also uses #TheBlondeSaladGoesTo along with the location in almost every post.

Chiara Was One of the First Bloggers to Cover an American Magazine
Getty | Marc Piasecki

Chiara Was One of the First Bloggers to Cover an American Magazine

Chiara appeared on Lucky magazine with Nicole Warne and Zanita Whittington.


She Has 5.7 Million Followers on Instagram

Which is why brands love to work with her.


Chiara Is Also Very Active on Snapchat

You can follow her — and her fashion! — at chiaraferragni.


Chiara Has Appeared on Project Runway as a Guest Judge


She Has 2 Younger Sisters, Francesca and Valentina


Valentina Is a Fashion Star in Her Own Right

She already has 905,000 followers on Instagram and attends Fashion Week events.