Geri Halliwell's Wedding Dress Isn't Very Spicy

It seems like just yesterday that the Spice Girls zig-a-zig-ahhed their way into our hearts and wore daring outfits that made our '90s selves swoon, but the truth is, a lot of time has passed since those girls — err, women — first stepped on the scene. For one thing, Posh is now Victoria Beckham, a well-known fashion designer with a brood of models. And Geri Halliwell, otherwise known as Ginger, just got married in a dress her Spice Girl alter ego would never be caught dead in.

The 42-year-old said "I do" in the most traditional way possible: rocking a lacy, A-line gown and a simple, long white veil. Her look was stunning, but it was a far cry from the feather boas and bodysuits she favored way back when. Read on to see her gown in all its glory, then flash back to this star's sexy Spice Girls style.


The bride went with traditional over trendy. You can't go wrong with the classics!


Yet while the gown itself was very Geri, those platform shoes were all Ginger.

Instagram | therealgerihalliwell

Geri also Instagrammed her wedding-day accessories. This is something old.

Getty | Jeff Kravitz

Back when she was a member of the Spice Girls, Geri wore bold boas and other provocative outfits.

Getty | Jeff Kravitz

She loved loud prints!


Remember when the girls went to Cannes? Geri wore a shiny red dress. My, how times have changed!