66 Work-Appropriate Halloween Costumes For the Office

There are plenty of ways to make any Halloween costume work appropriate, whether it's by adding some office-friendly layers or making an easy clothing swap, such as bike shorts for long pants. Depending on your inspiration (pop culture, cartoons, celebrities, etc.), start by considering your team's dress code, then take the styling details from there — toning down certain elements as you see fit. Especially given how your atmosphere and coworkers might have adjusted since the pandemic, it's probably best to keep over-the-top accessories to a minimum. But that doesn't mean you can't have fun by keeping your outfit sensible and classy.

Consider a play on Jackie Kennedy, for example, who wore plenty of monochrome skirt suits, pillbox hats, gloves, headscarves, and '70s-style sunglasses, most of which you probably have lying around your closet since they're wardrobe essentials. Or enlist a colleague and be Cher Horowitz and Dionne Davenport from "Clueless." With the multitude of checked co-ords you can scoop up from popular retailers like ASOS, Zara, and H&M, you're sure to find something cute to fit the bill, which you can then repurpose later.

Finally, if most of your team is not yet back in the office and still calling into the party from Zoom or Hangouts, consider DIYing a headpiece, ears, a crown, or a hat to be anything from Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" to a classic cat or mouse with a simple LBD.

Ahead, find several different costume ideas with simple fashion hacks to prepare you for the upcoming Halloween season.

— Additional reporting by Hilary White, Haley Lyndes, and Lauren Harano


Hermione Granger From Harry Potter

A gray cardigan, white collared shirt, and striped tie will turn you into this Harry Potter character.


Pee-Wee Herman

To dress up as this playful character, all you need are a light-gray suit and red bow tie. Now go cause trouble.



A fun DIY project, making your own hamburger costume could come out cuter than you think. Wear a light-brown shirt and skirt, and add red, green, and orange fabric to the middle of your costume to create lettuce, ketchup, and cheese fillings.


Dionne and Cher From "Clueless"

Feeling nostalgic? There's no better '90s costume than being Cher or Dionne. You'll need their iconic plaid two-piece sets, easily sourced from a favorite online retailer; '90s accessories; and extra credit if you nail their iconic braided and blonde hairstyles.


Lucille Ball

A '50s icon now and forever, dressing up as Lucille Ball is always fun. Find your most fashionable '50s-styled clothing or source from a resale site, fluff up your hair, and add a dash of bright-red lipstick to your look.


Olive Oyl From "Popeye"

A red sweater, a knee-length black skirt, and brown boots will turn you into this cute "Popeye" lady.


Wednesday Addams

Get a black dress with a white collar (collar can be made and sewn on). Braid your hair, and don't forget the most important component of the costume: sardonic remarks all night long.


Carrie Bradshaw From "Sex and the City"

A style icon through and through, dressing up as Carrie Bradshaw is always a good idea. Source a tulle skirt, and style it with a pink top and heels.


Russell From "Up"

To be Russell, wear a yellow shirt, a yellow cap, khaki or brown shorts, white socks, booties, a fake scout sash, and some balloons (the ultimate hint).



Simple and sweet, dressing up as a deer for Halloween is easier than it looks. Wear brown-colored clothing and antlers, and complete the look with charming face makeup.


Audrey Hepburn

Costume jewelry, a tiara, gloves, and an LBD will transform you into a glamorous film star just in time for Halloween parties.


Clark Kent

A Superman shirt, glasses, and some business separates make this the easiest superhero outfit you could put together.


Mad Scientist

If you have a white coat and test tube, then consider being a mad scientist. This costume can get as creative as you want it to, so don't be afraid to add some crazy-cute makeup to go along with it.


Taylor Swift's "1989" Album Cover

You'll need a blue-and-white long-sleeved shirt and red lipstick, of course. Carry around a white cutout to make it look like you're a Polaroid picture.


Mary Poppins

This ladylike look requires a black bowler hat, a black skirt, black tights, a white button-down, and a red bow tie. Don't forget your umbrella.


Janet From "The Good Place"

The source of all information and knowledge within "The Good Place," Janet knows how to dress. Wear a violet two-piece skirt set with a patterned blouse underneath, and consider yourself the best dressed artificial being out there.



Follow the yellow brick road with a blue gingham jumper and a pair of red flats, plus braids with blue bows.


Woody From "Toy Story"

Dressing up as Woody from "Toy Story" is easier than you think. Jeans, a yellow flannel, and a cowboy hat will do the trick, and if you're feeling extra creative, you can always put a snake in your boot.


Crazy Cactus Lady

You've heard of a crazy cat lady, but what if you're a crazy cactus lady? A messy 'do and a plant-printed outfit are all you need for this look.


Edna Mode From "The Incredibles"

Fashion designer Edna is the most underrated character in "The Incredibles," and dressing up in her trademark A-line black dress, giant glasses, and severe bob cut will give you a costume that definitely won't be unappreciated.


Rosie the Riveter

If you want to be something iconic and easy, Rosie the Riveter is calling your name. A red bandana and blue denim shirt will bring this costume to life.



If you have a black dress and pointy ears, the only thing left that you'll need to be a bat is a makeshift cape. Cut a wing-like design in a blanket or piece of cloth.



Perfect for the fall and easy for any costume party during the year, being a scarecrow never gets old. Find your cutest flannel and pair of overalls, and complete the look with a touch of overemphasized makeup.


Frida Kahlo

To dress up as this iconic painter, you'll need a bold brow, bright lipstick, and an eye-catching flower headband.


Beanie Baby

Pick your animal, then make a Ty tag for this easy throwback costume.


Mia Thermopolis From "The Princess Diaries"

Genovia won't even know what's coming when you dress up as Mia Thermopolis this Halloween. You can either be the pre-princess version of Mia by wearing a school uniform and glasses, or you can be the princess version by wearing her iconic silk off-the-shoulder dress with a tiara.


Harry Potter Wizards

The crucial parts of this look are a wand, a striped sweater in the color of your house, a black cape, and some collegiate gear underneath. If you're going for Harry, you should also accessorize with glasses and a lightning-bolt scar. Ten points to Gryffindor if you also carry a white owl and call her Hedwig.


Dora the Explorer

You can be the grown-up version of Dora the Explorer if you've got a purple backpack, a hot-pink top, and orange shorts. It also wouldn't hurt to carry around a map.


Social Butterfly

Add butterfly wings to your social media costume, and you have a punny twist.



Whether you played baseball, football, soccer, or any sport in the middle, dressing up as an athlete for Halloween is always a safe bet, especially if you held onto your uniform.


Captain Obvious

A captain's hat and name tag make this an easy costume that people will give you props for.



Make the Photoshop logo on a plain blue sweatshirt, and carry around the program's "tools" in their real form.


The "Spice" Girls

A red apron and some fun labels make these "spice" girls a clever joke that will definitely get your squad in the running for best costume.


Steve Jobs

To be Steve Jobs, wear a black long-sleeved turtleneck with jeans and glasses. Don't forget your computer, or any other Apple product.


"Top Gun"

If you have combat boots, aviators, a dog-tag necklace, and a green military jacket with patches, you're good to go.


WWII-Era Army Girl

An olive-green blazer with a tasteful pencil skirt will give this wartime outfit the old-school vibes it needs. Curl your hair and pin it back to complete the look.


Morton Salt Girl

If you're looking for a costume that's simple and unexpected, grab a yellow dress and an umbrella to become Morton Salt's iconic label.


A T-Bird From "Grease"

You'll need to slick back your hair and carry your comb around to be one of the T-Birds. Roll up your black pants a little, and throw on a denim or leather jacket to complete the look.


Daphne Blake From "Scooby-Doo"

The most sophisticated member of the "Scooby-Doo" crew can easily be taken on with a purple dress, green scarf, and bright-red wig.


"The Handmaid's Tale"

All you need are a red dress and a bonnet made out of white paper to transform into a handmaid from Margaret Atwood's dystopian novel turned hit TV series.


Alex From "A Clockwork Orange"

With a bowler hat, a set of false lashes, and an all-white outfit, you can easily dress as the dystopian antihero from Stanley Kubrick's 1970s film.



Wear black pants, a black-and-white-striped T-shirt, black gloves, and a black hat. Keep your mouth shut all night, and use only your hands to communicate.


Zoom Mute Button

To become this highly used feature, wear all black and decorate a shopping bag with the mute button. Then, add glasses that say "Zoom" by printing off its logo — you'll become this tool in no time.


Starbucks Barista

If Starbucks drinks excite you just as much as they do us, this one's for you. Get a green apron and black hat, print out a Starbucks logo, and you're ready for a Frappuccino.


Velma From "Scooby-Doo"

Wear an orange sweater, a red skirt, and glasses to become this iconic "Scooby-Doo" character.



There's nothing better than being a classic witch. All you need are a black hat and spellbinding makeup.


Archie From "Riverdale"

Throw on your best letterman jacket, casual tee, and jeans, and transform yourself into Archie from "Riverdale." Make sure to sport his iconic red hair.


Ice Cream Sundae

Wear a white dress or skirt-and-shirt combo, and draw on colorful sprinkles. Then, add a headband and craft a makeshift cone out of construction paper.



If you're into makeup, this clown look is for you. You can get as creative as you want with the eye makeup, but be sure to keep the pointy clown look intact. Add fun details to your lips and nose to make it complete.


Sabrina Spellman From "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

If you're into pop culture, then this is the witch to be. Dressing up as Sabrina Spellman from "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" requires wearing a red sweater with a white collar and a black headband. Dark-red lipstick will complete your costume.



Nothing's sweeter than this costume. Wear a brown dress, and attach a piece of paper with the Snickers logo to the front of it. Carry around a bag of chocolate to really make this costume come to life.


Kim Possible

Call me, beep me. Kim Possible rocks cool camo pants with a black long-sleeved shirt, and you can, too. If you're cold, you can always add a black jacket over your outfit.


Baby Yoda

Green tights, a brown sweater, and green gloves will turn you into The Child in no time. If you're in a colder climate, feel free to wear a large brown coat over your sweater to stay warm.


Roxanne From "A Goofy Movie"

As long as you have the makeup and hair down, you can become PJ's love interest in moments. As for the outfit, you can wear a cozy black sweater dress or a long-sleeved turtleneck and jeans. Done and done.


Deviled Egg

Everyone will get a laugh out of this creative costume. Just draw a little yellow circle onto a white T-shirt, and put on a pair of devil horns. Then, let this costume win Halloween.


Copy Cat

Anyone can wear a pair of cat ears, but only the most clever partygoers see an opportunity for the perfect pun.


Pop-Art Painting

If makeup is your thing, try this easy pop-art look. Cartoon features like white dots and bright colors will make this look easy to replicate.


Rapunzel From "Tangled"

Long hair or not, all you really need are a braided hairstyle and Victorian-inspired lavender dress. Accessorize with some flowery clips for added detail.


Mickey Mouse

To dress up as Mickey, you'll need to wear a black shirt with a red skirt or pants and large mouse ears.


Ariel From "The Little Mermaid"

Who says you have to wear an actual tail and bra to become Ariel? Instead, opt for something much easier, like green pants with a print for added texture and a purple T-shirt.


Daenerys Targaryen From "Game of Thrones"

To become the Mother of Dragons, you'll need a pair of boots, leggings, and a dark-colored dress. Don't forget Daenerys's signature white-bleached hair.


Sadness From "Inside Out"

It's easy enough to take on any of the characters from "Inside Out," but we happen to think sporting a blue wig and a large pair of frames to become Sadness is the best choice.


Belle From "Beauty and the Beast"

If you have a blue dress or white shirt and blue skirt, you can easily become Belle from "Beauty and the Beast." Tie your hair into a low ponytail, and add a baby-blue bow, plus a pair of black flats.


Minnie Mouse

If you have a red polka-dot shirt or dress, throw that on and add mouse ears.


Hilary Banks from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

Hilary Banks was the queen of business casual, so all you need is a blazer, a statement necklace, and a hat to recreate her look.