How to Make a DIY Mummy Costume For Halloween

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Instead of purchasing an expensive Halloween costume this year, consider making your own mummy look as a last-minute DIY project that doesn't call for more than a few key tools. Chanel Iman memorably wore a mummy costume at Heidi Klum's annual star-packed Halloween party, opting for a treated and dyed gauzy fabric that she wrapped creatively around her body.

The supermodel incorporated the material from head to toe, weaving it through her high ponytail braid, styling it as a choker, twisting it around her arm, and even creating makeshift boots by layering it from her thighs down to the soles of her shoes. Iman added spooky makeup, including a smoky eye, a washed-out lip, and darkly defined contouring, plus simple delicate hoop earrings and a white manicure for final touches.

Of course, you can choose to put your own tweaks on the costume, creating your own silhouette with your chosen cut-up cloth. All you need to start are a bunch of old tees or a fresh T-shirt pack, a ruler, scissors, a camisole, and leggings or biker shorts.

Before you start, you should stain your shirts as you see fit, whether it's to achieve the appearance of fake blood or dirt. Then, get dressed in your undergarments (pieces that match your skin tone work best) and follow the step-by-step instructions ahead.

Then, keep reading for alternative ideas for your mummy Halloween costume that look slightly different from Iman's.

How to Make a DIY Mummy Halloween Costume

Starting with one T-shirt, cut off the sleeves at the seam and prepare to measure out your lines. Mark 1.5-inch strips across the T-shirt horizontally using a pencil, going all the way up to the armpit seam. Using the lines as a reference point, cut the T-shirt into strips, then cut each strip at one end to make one longer strip. Knot the strips together to create an even longer strip (we suggest using about five pieces per strip). Once you have your strips, tie a knot at the bottom of your leg and continue all the way up, wrapping the fabric around your torso. Continue to cut more strips using your T-shirts and employ the same directions to cover your other leg and your arms.

A white cutout dress with an asymmetrical hemline makes for the perfect foundation of your DIY mummy Halloween costume if you don't want to work in shreds alone. If you have a long-sleeved dress, this will also provide an added layer of warmth.

Multiple stain jobs and washes will help you achieve a more worn-in look. You can bring your outfit full circle with a bow woven in your hair using excess fabric.

Be sure to tie knots sloppily with the loose threads of the material to create a distressed and disheveled appearance. You can even wrap excess fabric around your arms, fingers, or legs randomly.

Wrap your distressed T-shirt material tightly around your bust, torso, and hips to create a crop top and miniskirt situation. You can finish the look however you prefer — with heeled booties or sneakers.

If you're a "mummy to be," you can wrap a strapless bra with T-shirt shreds to create a bump-baring corset. You can also turn your heels into a pair of thigh-high boots by wrapping the shoes several times and then extending the process upward.

A mummy Halloween costume is a great excuse to wear your high-top Converse, as they match perfectly with the look — especially when worn-in and just a little bit dirty at the soles. Play up the '90s-inspired look with smoky eyeshadow.

Rip tiny holes into the fabric, then cut long, vertical shreds of fabric that you tuck into the holes to create a striking, fringe-like effect.

A simple white tank top and leggings or biker shorts also work as the foundation to your DIY mummy Halloween costume. You can make the combination appear more ragged by tying loose strips of fabric over the separates — even weaving the material through your hair.

Don't underestimate the look of a sheer, gauzy fabric when constructing your mummy Halloween costume. To coincide with fashion's naked trend, see-through mesh or ribbon make for an easy answer. You can always opt for a pair of opaque white pants to balance out the look.

If you own a pair of lace-up white stilettos, consider breaking them out for a sultry spin on the mummy Halloween costume. Style them with a one-shoulder bandeau and a matching miniskirt and apply some fake blood and dark face makeup.

Allowing fabric to hang loose from your wrists is yet another way to make your mummy costume stand out. If your nails are decorated for Halloween and you've achieved fingerless gloves, that's even better.

Remember that the addition of stained tape (functional for holding up the wrappings on your legs) can actually add to the rugged appearance of your look. Don't be afraid to stray away from the look of perfection when DIYing a mummy Halloween costume.