This Bikini Shopping Hack Could Change Your Swimsuit Style For Life

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I've never been against mixing and matching my bikinis. It's just another way to get the most out of the pieces I've already invested in (while making it look like my swim drawer is filled to the brim). But this wasn't a move I made often — at least until now.

I recently went away on a tropical vacation and pretty much wore a swimsuit every day. That was when I discovered the one bottom that truly looks best on my bum. While it's cheekier than any design I've dared to put on before, I figured there was no better time to experiment and slipped on a V-cut bottom with a single strip of ruching down the center. (Let's just say I had to apply extra sunscreen to my newly exposed cheeks.)

When I turned around and looked in the mirror, I loved the way it looked. The piece made my behind appear toned and perky, covering just enough skin so that I didn't mind leaving the vicinity of the hotel room. I didn't take it off for the rest of the trip, rotating the handful of tops I brought, even if they didn't coordinate perfectly.

Afterward, it hit me: why not use this as an approach to shop for swimwear? Rather than buying a full set just because you fall in love with the color, pattern, or texture, find the silhouette that feels most comfortable and looks good (whether it's a top or bottom), and purchase one or two in neutral tones that can work with the prints you already own.

Scroll for a few winning designs that fit the bill in a whole range of shapes and sizes.