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Kacey Musgraves Has Made Her Trendy Western Style Iconic

Yeehaw Queen? Kacey Musgraves Is More Like a Fashion Queen in These Iconic Looks

Kacey Musgraves at 54th Academy Of Country Music Awards

Butterflies? Iridescent clothes? Glitter pastels? Fringe and turquoise? Tinsel hair? Oh, Kacey Musgraves! Her style is Southwestern meets bubble pink and everything chic. Yes, she has mastered this look. You never know what you will get when Kacey makes an appearance at an award show or goes on tour, but you do know that you will love it. Her looks are as eye-catching as her lyrics are catchy. Sometimes referred to as the "Yeehaw Queen," Kacey has started a pop culture movement by making country style glamorous. Why shouldn't rhinestones and glitter hair be worn with cowboy boots and fringe jackets? Kacey Musgraves has taken big tinsel hair, layers of tulle, and a bold attitude and evolved her style into something iconic. She's no stranger to being in the spotlight due to her wild outfits, but we've picked out some of our favorites throughout the years.

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