Kristen Stewart Recounts What It Was Like Filming Princess Diana's Wedding Dress Scene

The Princess is here! In the trailer for the highly anticipated Princess Diana biopic, Spencer, starring Kristen Stewart, we got a glimpse of the actress portraying the late royal on her wedding day around the 1:53 mark. While the movie, which arrives in theatres 5 Nov., focuses on one pivotal weekend in Princess Diana's life — the Christmas holiday where she decided to leave Prince Charles — the clips of her in the wedding dress are likely from a flashback.

Of course, it is not the original dress that Princess Di wore on 29 July, 1981, designed by Elizabeth and David Emanuel, but it is a spot-on replication created by costume designer Jacqueline Durran for the Pablo Larraín film. Kristen's iconic dress in the trailer features pouf sleeves with lace ruffles, a scalloped neckline with a lace trim, and a breathtaking veil duplicating that of the late Princess's. The vintage fashion gods are bowing down!

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kristen said that wearing the replica dress while filming that scene was a "spooky day." "When we put that dress on, it is embedded in a montage that kind of flashed her life before you. Even though the movie takes place over a three-day period and even though I play her as a speculatively 29-, 30-year-old person, we still wanted to give a taste of the scope of her life," she told the publication. "Kind of touch on every part, even if it was in kind of lyrical dance. And the wedding dress is embedded in that montage and putting that on was a spooky day."

Larraín told ET that Kristen "was scared and excited" when filming in the dress. "It wasn't fear," he said. "It was the challenge of wearing that dress, taking that on and it was hard to walk with it. It was a big structure." Watch the trailer for Spencer above to see Kristen stun as Princess Diana, and see photos of the late royal from her wedding day ahead.

Princess Diana at Her Wedding in 1981
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Princess Diana at Her Wedding in 1981

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