It Looks Like Melania Trump's Inaugural Gown Is Getting a New Home: The Smithsonian

You can soon visit Melania Trump's inaugural gown at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, if you so please. The first lady presented the dress to the museum in the nation's capital, where it will remain on display for visitors to admire. For the occasion, Melania opted for a white, jacquard-print dress with a lavender coat and pink pumps.

An impossibly sleek white number designed by Hervé Pierre, the inaugural gown features an off-the-shoulder silhouette, red waist bow, leg slit, and sharp ruffle detailing that extends from the neckline to the hem. Speaking of the neckline, Melania was apparently very particular about that detailing when collaborating with Hervé leading up to the ball.

"She was very specific about the neckline, about all the lines being parallel," the French designer told Harper's Bazaar in an interview. "The lines are as sleek as a paper cut; the curves of the skirt are fluid, yet the overall shape is sharp and intense. For me it reflects her personality."

Have a look at what she wore while presenting her dress to the museum. Then, take an all-angles look at her inaugural dress to refresh your memory. If only all of her fancy, infamous shoes could also be part of a museum display . . . now that's an exhibit we'd visit in a heartbeat.

— Additional reporting by Nikita Ramsinghani