Now Paging Ella Emhoff: Michelle Obama Is Ready For Her Knitting Collab

Michelle Obama joined Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote her new Netflix project Waffles + Mochi and talk about her ongoing commitment to creating a healthier America. Of course, we're not surprised DeGeneres had some fun games planned, including a round of "Drawer Dash," where Michelle shared various random items around the house.

Proving she's in tune to fashion's recent knitting and crochet craze (which we're not not going to say is loosely inspired by Kamala Harris's stepdaughter, Ella Emhoff, and her incredible design talent), Michelle showed up in her own DIY beanie. "I am so into knitting. I made all of this stuff! I made this hat, I made this scarf for Sasha . . . this is what I've been doing in quarantine. This is my practice mitten, isn't it cute?" Michelle said, holding up a single glove that did not yet have a pair. She then went on to reveal a high-tech element to her beanie — a removable puff ball! "This comes off, so you can exchange balls."

While we are completely aware that Emhoff, who has used her skills and self-made products to support minority communities, is busy with a new Batsheva collaboration, we're wondering if Michelle could be next on her list of design partners. After all, both women have the platform to promote new collections and the right mindset for rallying behind fashion practices that are a commitment to sustainability. Clearly, they both have the knitting skills, too!

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Now It Seems Like Michelle's Getting In on It, Too
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Now It Seems Like Michelle's Getting In on It, Too