Nicole Kidman Wore Mismatched Heels at the Emmys, and We Love It

Nicole Kidman showed up on the 2017 Emmys red carpet wearing a dazzling Calvin Klein by Appointment gown. The Big Little Lies star styled her red dress with a pair of pink heels, also by the brand. At first glance, it looked like Nicole was wearing a regular pair of heels. But when we zoomed in a little closer, we noticed that she was actually wearing mismatched heels.

One of actress's heels featured jewels along the ankle strap while the second heel featured embellishments around the toe strap. Another interesting fact? Nicole isn't the first celebrity to wear these heels on the red carpet. Naomie Harris wore the same heels in yellow to the 2017 Oscars. Keep reading to have a look at Nicole's mismatched heels ahead.