How 1 Designer Is Turning a Passion For Cooking Into a Project That Benefits People In Need

Phillip Lim is one of the many designers working on passion projects that also help to give back during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Lim just released a new digital version of his 2019 cookbook More Than Our Bellies, which originally debuted as a conversation between him and Viviane Sassen, a photographer who took beautiful photos of the food and helped Lim bring his poetic recipes to life. The hardcover tome was more like a work of art to treasure, and eventually sold out. But in an effort to spread visual love and light, Lim made the decision to slash the price — the book now retails for $35 on Apple Books — and donate $10 of every sale to City Harvest, an organization that focuses on providing New Yorkers with the nourishment and meals they need.

This makes Phillip Lim one of the many designers reorchestrating how their brands support charities right now, and we love that he's doing this by encouraging his followers to participate in an at-home, feel-good activity like cooking. "When the stay-at-home initiative started, it felt like a good time to find new creative ways of dialogue and sharing with people who follow me on social media. So I decided to revisit my cookbook . . . to cook through every recipe and make videos to share on Instagram," Lim told WWD. You can visit Lim's personal Instagram page to see how he's breathing new life into the pages of his collaboration cookbook, and buy a copy for a good cause at Apple Books.