Sarah Hyland and Gigi Hadid Wear This 1 Piece of Jewelry to Confirm They're in Love

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Perhaps you heard Taylor Swift's new hit from her Reputation album, "Call It What You Want." The song is likely in reference to her budding relationship with Joe Alwyn, and the line "I want to wear his initial on a chain round my neck, chain round my neck / Not because he owns me, but 'cause he really knows me" clearly stuck with Modern Family star Sarah Hyland, who brought the lyrics to life. Sarah shared a selfie of herself and a friend wearing the first initial of their boyfriends' names.

This pretty much confirmed Sarah's dating Bachelor in Paradise star Wells Adams, but it also sent out the message that there's nothing wrong with taking pride in a romance. Just because you're wearing your heart on your sleeve doesn't mean your partner completely defines you. Gigi Hadid would probably agree. The supermodel has worn a "Z" pendant for boyfriend Zayn Malik before, and if you, too, can get behind this trend, read on for all the inspiration you need to pick up a personalized piece of jewelry.

Sarah Wears Her "W" Necklace For Her Boyfriend, Wells Adams

Her friend Ashley, who's dating a guy named Matt, followed suit. The duo showed off their chains, making a reference to Taylor Swift's new song, "Call It What You Want."

The Pair Recently Confirmed Their Relationship

Gigi Hadid Shared This Photo of Herself Wearing a "Z" Necklace