Storm Reid Partners With New Balance: "I Want to Help Women Feel Seen Through Fashion"

Courtesy of New Balance
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Euphoria's Storm Reid is an actress, producer, humanitarian, and USC college student currently studying Drama and African American Studies. But add New Balance ambassador to the 18-year-old's impressive list of achievements, because she just joined the squad (which already includes Jaden Smith and athlete Sydney McLaughlin). New Balance was attracted to the way Storm empowers her followers, particularly women, to take up space and claim their moment — and really, who wouldn't be? When POPSUGAR talked to Storm about the partnership, which will include carrying out initiatives, product creation, and fronting campaigns and billboards, we were in awe of her determination to take on this new role.

"Equity within the sneaker world means continuing to pave pathways for women — in general and within the industry — and being purposeful in everything we're producing, whether it be campaigns or products. It's so important for young women to see themselves represented and to see other women feel empowered, be celebrated, and succeed. And this is what I hope to represent through my new partnership with New Balance, especially for women of color. I was once that little girl that found inspiration in celebrities like Zendaya and Keke Palmer, so I want to help women feel seen through fashion and inspire the next generation of little girls to follow their dreams and claim their moments," she said.

Rest assured, Reid is a self-described sneakerhead. If you follow her on Instagram, you can see how vast her collection is shaping up to be, and she even counts Serena Williams wearing Off-White AF1s to the Met Gala as one of her all-time favorite fashion moments. It's clear that New Balance was the right brand for her to align with, too, as she explains that the team really gets to know their partners and supports them in their careers. Ahead, you can see Storm star in a video for the We Got Now campaign, sending out the go-getter message that when you want something, "waiting isn't an option." Then, read some of Storm's best quotes about sneakers, all of which prove she is, indeed, the sneakerhead she appears to be in the photos ahead.

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Courtesy of New Balance

"My dad, brother, and I actually have an Instagram thread of all the coolest New Balance sneakers."

"My dad has loved New Balance all his life, so by the time I was old enough to pick out pairs of my own, I gravitated immediately to New Balance, like the classic 574s. In my opinion, it's the most classic, versatile shoe, and can be worn with anything. These days, I'm loving the 550. When I'm on campus, at the mall, or running around set, you can almost always find me in a New Balance tracksuit and a pair of 550s. Honestly, it's so hard to pick a favorite because there are so many amazing silhouettes to choose from. My dad, brother, and I actually have an Instagram thread of all the coolest New Balance sneakers."

Courtesy of New Balance

"I've always believed that fashion has no gender and people should wear whatever it is that they're most comfortable in."

"I always feel empowered in a pair of sneakers. For me, sneakers are a form of self-expression and I feel most comfortable and grounded when I'm wearing them. I think part of that comes from the fact that they're so versatile. You can pair them with a tracksuit or with a dress and look equally cute in both outfits. I also love that they're so gender-fluid. I've always believed that fashion has no gender and people should wear whatever it is that they're most comfortable in. I'm known for wearing a lot of men's clothing, so it's fun for me to play around with different pairings and see what suits me on any given day."

Courtesy of New Balance

"I'm an active person and always encourage people to move their bodies because it's so beneficial for both physical and mental health. Whether I'm dancing in my living room or going to the gym, I love having sneakers that I can keep on all day — wherever it may take me! New Balance has so many performance styles that can easily transition from workout to hangout, which are perfect for people like me who are always on the go. I'm currently loving the Fresh Foam 1080v11."

Eddy Chen/HBO

"Gia [Storm's Euphoria character] is someone who looks up to Rue [played by Zendaya], and in some ways imitates her style, but especially in season two, she is becoming her own person and finding her own style inspiration. I think she'd gravitate toward the 574 or the 327 — both styles are cute, comfortable, and have a fun, modern twist that a young girl like Gia would appreciate. They also come in tons of colors, from neutrals to brights, which makes them super versatile and perfect for any outfit or activity."