There's More Where Storm Reid's New Tattoo Comes From — Here's What Her Other Designs Mean

  • Storm Reid recently debuted a matching tattoo that she got with her older brother.
  • The siblings both got different phases of the moon tattooed on their forearms.
  • Storm Reid has at least three other tattoos that she's publicly spoken about.

Storm Reid is just one of a few celebrities who seems to have been loading up on tattoos in the last year. The Euphoria star got her first tattoo when she was 16 years old, and she recently shared a photo of her newest piece of ink on Instagram before explaining to fans via her Stories the very sweet backstory behind her cosmic design.

On Sept. 28, Reid and her older brother got matching tattoos inspired by the phases of the moon on the day they were both born. On her Instagram Stories, the actress shared a few videos documenting the process before revealing in a separate photo that the moon was in a waxing crescent phase when she was born on July 1, 2003. On her brother's birthday, April 10, 2001, the moon was in a waning gibbous phase, so the siblings decided to combine the two into one tattoo.

As far as we know, it's the only matching tattoo she has so far, but she has a few more where that one came from (and she's been open about her plans to get more). Keep reading for more about each one means.

Storm Reid's "Matthew 17:20" Tattoo

The actress got her very first tattoo when she turned, and it features the "Matthew 17:20" bible verse. According to a photo that Reid shared shortly after getting the tat, the scripture is about having faith.

"My mommy has always told me that if I have faith as small as a mustard seed, God will move mountains and he has," the caption reads. "Thank you @WinterStone for my birthday tatt. I'm so appreciative. Xx. ♥️"

Storm Reid's Lightning Bolt Tattoo

For her 17th birthday, the actress got two tiny tattoos courtesy of her team. One of which was an outline of a lightning bolt on her outer wrist.

"My WHOLE team is composed of magnificent humans, but my managers blew me away with this one," she captioned a pic of her ink on Instagram. "They've known I wanted more lil tatts since I got my first one, and they surprised me with these the other day as a birthday gift. Not even knowing I already had an appointment. Divine timing, for sure. What a lucky girl I am. Evelyn, Pryia, and Chris, thank you so much. Love y'all deep."

Reid went to celebrity tattoo artist Daniel Winter for both designs.

Storm Reid's Quote Tattoo

The second tattoo Reid got on her 17th birthday was of the quote "You R My Sunshine" on her wrist in special font.

Storm Reid's Moon Tattoo

Reid's most recent tattoo is a matching one that she got with her older brother Josh: a moon that both siblings got on the backs of their forearms. "To the moon and back with my brother 100 times over // got what the moon looked like on the day we were both born. a waxing crescent & a waning gibbous [sic] 🌖🌒 🤞🏽," the actress captioned an Instagram post on Sept. 28.