29 Ways to Show Off Your Tattoo in a Swimsuit and Bring in All the Insta Likes

Tons of people get tattoos that are meant to be hidden, and we get that. But it's also pretty common to come across a fashion girl with a penchant for styling her outfits around a tattoo. I used to be quiet about my tattoos in the Summer months, not minding if someone noticed them while I was swimming, but I never shouted about them from the rooftop. But then I got my hands on a few cheeky bikinis, and suddenly, my butt tattoo was on full display. I found that I really didn't mind. It was almost like another accessory I got to wear while I was at the beach. Why not be proud of my body art?

Whether you have scripture on your forearm, a hip tattoo like Kylie Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, who cemented their BFF status with the beauty move, or a drawing near your ankle, we're offering advice for showing them off in a swimsuit this Summer. It's not just about the pose, but the style of swimwear you choose, and it's safe to say you're going to want to read up on both before picking up another two-piece — or hitting up your tattoo artist. After all, we know you're in the market for some double taps. Who isn't?


Inner Arm Tattoos

It's all about the pose — make use of your surroundings and rest your arm on a tree.


Ankle Tattoos

Show off the back of your suit while twisting to the side, so we can catch a glimpse of your ankle.


Back Tattoos

Ask someone to capture a back shot on the beach as you make your way to the water's edge.


Butt Tattoos

Wear a cheeky swimsuit and show off your look from your good side — you know, the side with the butt tattoo.


Thigh Tattoos

Try a sultry bed pose where you can cross your legs just so, to put your tattoo on display.


Word and Hand Tattoos

Hold up your camera selfie style and try out the bird's eye view.


Hip Tattoos

Try out a strappy bikini that draws attention to the area. Hailey Baldwin's mastered this when it comes to showing off the matching tattoo she has with Kylie Jenner.


Tricep Tattoos

A low-cut back and the proper pose will bring eyes exactly where they need to be. Just ask your BFF if she doesn't mind if you show off your good side. Dua Lipa knows the trick.


Forearm Tattoos

Lay down and have someone take an aerial shot of your detailed bikini.


Lower Calf Tattoos

Wear a long caftan that flows to down to your feet, drawing attention to your tattoo.


Colorful Side Tattoos

Dare your followers to get dizzy by choosing a buzzy print that runs into your tattoo.


Wrist Tattoos

Match a plate of fruit to your colorful bikini and twist your arm just so.


Lower Back Tattoos

Choose a cheeky, low-rise bottom that doesn't cover a smidgen of your tattoo. Bonus points if you're wearing rainbow colors that play to the theme of your tattoo. (Hello, butterfly!)


Inner Elbow Tattoos

Reach up and play with your hair or fix your earring, if you're going for something candid and don't want to distract much from an already exciting bikini like Jordyn Woods's.


Symmetrical Tattoos

Wear a one-piece that's symmetrical on both sides and angle your body toward the camera.


Thinly Traced Tattoos

Lay back and twist your arms in a natural fashion so that your tattoos are on fully display. Keep the print on your bikini small so we can squint and get a better look at all the details here.


Bicep Tattoos

Pose up against a fence or on a bridge at sunset in your bikini and reach your arms out. Camila Cabello kept her look super natural with wispy, windblown hair.


Side Tattoos

Opt for a scoop-back one-piece that plunges far down on both sides.


Underarm Tattoos

Try a selfie-style bikini shot on your pool chair so you can balance yourself and get just the right angle like Behati Prinsloo.


All Over Tattoos

It's all about the low cut. A plunging neckline and tie at the back means your maillot's simple from the front. If it's plain, without any print, everyone will be checking out your contrasting tattoos.


Outer Leg Tattoos

Bask in the water on your knees instead of fully submerging in the ocean. Try a lighter colored swimsuit so your tattoos stand out against the white caps on the waves.


Cheeky Tattoos

Have a friend take a side-angle view of you sitting with your knees up on your pool chair. Kylie Jenner brought Stormi into the mix, which obviously makes the whole shot even cuter.


Miniature Tattoos

Wear a high-rise cheeky maillot like Lea Michele's and look down at the area you want to draw attention to when you're posing.


Hidden Tattoos

Opt for a neutral-toned swimsuit (or shall we call it "the naked swimsuit") and make sure your tattoo's angled ever so slightly toward the camera. It'll stand out way more than it would if you were wearing something bright.


Detailed Tattoos

Wear a printed sarong that almost mimics the detail in your tattoo and make sure both are on full display in your photo. A lightly colored bikini (something baby-pink, perhaps?) won't distract from the focus.


Complementary Tattoos

Dove Cameron has two small tattoos that look pretty similar from far away — one on her hip, and the other on her wrist. She showed off her bikini via mirror selfie in just the right pose, and we can just make out both of her tattoos!


Delicate Tattoos

Try a full-length mirror selfie with a clean background, and make sure the color scheme of your suit is more simple than distracting.


Scripture Tattoos

Try a candid shot in your one-piece, like Noah Cyrus, and hold up whatever body parts you have to to put your scripture on full display.