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The Baby-Sitters Club's Stylist on Claudia Kishi's Fashion

The Baby-Sitters Club Stylist Explains How She Created a Wardrobe Worthy of Claudia Kishi

The Baby-Sitters Club's Stylist on Claudia Kishi's Fashion
Image Source: Netflix

If the Baby-Sitters Club girls were horoscope signs, I'd probably be a Mary Anne sun with a Kristy moon rising. But in my head, I was always a pure Claudia Kishi, through and through. She was the definition of cool, with her creative clothes and her mismatched earrings gracing the books' illustrated covers. When Netflix's portrayal of the beloved novels came out, I was worried they wouldn't do her style justice. I couldn't have been more wrong.

I chatted with costume designer Cynthia Summers over the phone, and she walked me through Claudia's standout style moments from the show's first season. (Fingers crossed for a second!) She gave Claudia's closet the attention it deserved, and thus, actress Momona Tamada appeared on screen in an explosion of color. Claudia is a butterfly on screen, always catching your eye in prints and plaids and stripes as she flits off to conquer her next project — or secure her sugary snacks.

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