What Makes The Weeknd's Halftime Suit Different Than All the Red Suits He's Worn Before

While The Weeknd has been sticking to his signature red suit lately — the look speaks to the theme of his entire After Hours album — he tapped fashion designer Matthew M. Williams of Givenchy to create his his Super Bowl LV halftime ensemble. The look was hand-embroidered with crystals that you likely caught a glimpse of as he strutted across stage. It took more than 250 hours to complete that eye-catching blazer, which elevates The Weeknd's style even more than the red suits he's worn in the past.

"It's truly an honor to have dressed The Weeknd for his incredible Super Bowl show. To me, fashion is all about infusing what you wear with a unique personality, and The Weeknd brought his look to life with his energy, character, and sense of style," Williams said in a press release distributed by the brand. The look was complete with a black leather tie and gloves, wool trousers, and black-and-white oxfords from the House of Givenchy. Ahead, see The Weeknd's special red suit glisten from all angles, then rewatch his entire set.