We Can't Help but Meme This Trippy Part of The Weeknd's Halftime Show Performance

NFL via Giphy
NFL via Giphy

The Weeknd's Super Bowl halftime show completely exceeded our wildest expectations and wound up providing some unexpected meme fodder along the way. Just a few minutes into his history-making, scene-stealing performance, the 30-year-old singer marched into an illuminated, funhouse-like set hidden in the middle of the enormous stage and briefly acted frantically lost among the mirrors before starting to belt out his hit song "Can't Feel My Face." The trippy moment and his frenzied facial expression, though quick, immediately got my wheels spinning about all of the relatable moods it could encapsulate. Ahead are just a smattering of situations in which I've felt similarly lost and distraught.

  • Me when I realize I forgot to turn off my straightener before leaving home
  • College-age me trying to submit an assignment at 11:59 a.m.
  • Drunk me stumbling to the bathroom in the middle of the night
  • Me trying to get to the microwave before it beeps
  • Me scurrying through the subway station to get on my train before it leaves the station
  • 6-year-old me looking for my mom in the grocery store after staring at the cereal aisle for too long
  • Me leaving a store after not purchasing anything and trying not to look suspicious
  • Me looking for a bottle of wine to crack open as soon as 5 p.m. hits on Friday
  • Me after being totally blinded and disoriented by The Weeknd's halftime show performance
  • Me trying to locate the motivation to work out
  • Me waiting for my stimulus check
  • Me looking for the willpower to not sarcastically tell off every guy on Bumble who has pictures with fish on their profile
  • Me trying to find the refrigerator at 3 a.m. without turning on the lights
  • Me looking for f*cks to give every morning before signing on to work