A Rainbow of New Year's Eve Dresses Special Enough For Hosting Your Own Party

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Throwing a NYE party isn't just about finding the right caterer and making sure everyone's got a glass of Champagne in hand — it's about doing all that in a ridiculously stylish jumpsuit or dress. You see, when you're the host of a soirée, it's your outfit that deserves the spotlight, and you should embrace the confidence boost that comes when the compliments roll in.

For that reason, an LBD — even your most standout one — simply isn't enough. Search for sequins, bold hues, avant-garde cuts, and open-back silhouettes, because this year, there will simply be no guest stealing your thunder.

Read on for a rainbow of 34 designs, all of which totally fit the bill for when you play host. And if you feel the need to splurge, we don't blame you. New Year's Eve may only come once a year, but the pieces ahead are so special, they'll never go out of style.