These 7 Celebrity Stylists Are Moving Fashion Forward For Young Hollywood

Courtesy of Laura Sophie Cox
Courtesy of Laura Sophie Cox

Young Hollywood put their thoughtful approach to dressing on display at premieres and award shows throughout 2021. If you were pay attention, you likely noticed that the stars having conversations about their red carpet looks are talking about more than the obvious, "Who are you wearing?" The younger generation has shown time and time again that they care about where their clothing comes from and especially whether it has historical meaning or pays homage to an icon before them.

Of course, their stylists are instrumental in bringing such statements to life, putting in the research to construct an outfit that is representative of their clients' identity and culture. More often than not, they're also searching for archival pieces that can be repurposed for an event, rather than buying new materials and leaving a carbon footprint. And, as all seven of the stylists ahead will tell you, championing emerging talent and supporting small brands that practice sustainable craftsmanship and ethical company culture is of utmost importance for the future.

We talked to Laura Sophie Cox, Image Architect Law Roach, Ade Samuel, Tara Swennen, Zadrian + Sarah, Shalev Lavàn, and Enrique Melendez about how they are fostering industry relationships moving into 2022 and ensuring that their clients — Zendaya, Kristen Stewart, Justine Skye, Lana Condor, and Charlotte Lawrence, just to name a few — are part of the collaboration. Another quality that bands them together? They're less concerned about outfit repeating, media scrutiny, or best-dressed lists and more excited to tell a story about their subject's life work through a look. On that note, click through to learn how your favorite celebrities and role models are ushering in a new red carpet era, straight from their glam squad.

Laura Sophie Cox
Courtesy of Laura Sophie Cox

Laura Sophie Cox

Above: Musician Alessia Cara wears all vintage to promote her new album, including pieces from Sami Miro Vintage and Prada gloves from Artifact New York.

Laura Sophie Cox is a British red carpet and editorial stylist who started her career in London and is currently based in LA. Always a champion of sustainable fashion, Cox specifically looks to work with brands and houses that maintain eco-conscious practices and cultures.

Clients For 2022: Emma Watson, Alessia Cara (above), Grace Gaustad, Mary Mouser, Lia McHugh, Kimiko Glenn, Julia Goldani Telles, Luna Blaise, and Jacqueline Toboni

"When slow fashion is part of the design process, celebrity dressing takes on a whole new meaning."

Approach to Dressing: "My purpose for 2022 is to continue highlighting sustainability and showcasing vintage on the red carpet. When slow fashion is part of the design process, celebrity dressing takes on a whole new meaning. And most importantly, it challenges the current fashion system. I have a sustainable jewelry collaboration launching with Article22. It has been a year in the making, designing ethical jewelry handcrafted by artisans in Laos, using shrapnel from the Vietnam War. I also have my first vegan sneaker collaboration dropping in February. There are so many ways to think about sustainability in fashion, and I want to be championing brands that are actively moving the conversation forward."

Law Roach
Getty | Taylor Hill

Law Roach

Above: Actress Zendaya wears American designer Vera Wang to accept the fashion icon of the year honor at the CFDA Awards.

Based out of LA, Image Architect Law Roach has become world famous for dressing his clients in archival pieces he's collected through the years. Every outfit he constructs is well-researched and usually rooted in an iconic moment from history. Law is also a creative director, judge on HBO Max's vogueing competition show Legendary, and proponent of bringing marginalized, emerging talent into the spotlight.

Clients For 2022: Zendaya (above), Halsey, Priyanka Chopra, Kerry Washington, Jaime Xie, and Tiffany Haddish

"Vintage is the easiest way to push forth the conversation about sustainability."

Approach to Dressing: "What has always been important to me is incorporating vintage. I think vintage is the easiest way to push forth the conversation about sustainability. If you have the opportunity to wear clothes that have already been worn by somebody else — that could be your mom's old clothes or your grandma's old clothes — and give them new life, I think that's important. It helps us all be a little bit kinder and more gentle to our planet. There are a lot of young people who have jumped into the vintage game and spend a lot of money on it, so it's also important to be a financial supporter of small businesses as well."

Ade Samuel

Above: Singer-songwriter Khalid shows off his neutral but elevated look to align with his EP "Scenic Drive," which stays true to his signature style.

Bronx native Ade Samuel has worked out of LA as a celebrity stylist for the past eight years, but she has a background in fashion PR and magazine editorial, even leading her to launch a namesake shoe line in 2016. Born into a family of Nigerian descent, working with clothing and fabrics inspired by her cultural roots is important to her.

Clients For 2022: Khalid (above), Letitia Wright, and Kofi Siriboe

"I don't want to just style, I look forward to my clients feeling connected."

Approach to Dressing: "Intentionality is key. For 2022, I look forward to aligning my clients with more designers, emerging and icons. I want us to continue to have fun in clothes all while elevating their brand to include pieces that feel authentic and relatable to them. I don't want to just style, I look forward to my clients feeling connected. I love Khalid's ability to make all looks we collaborate on street style worthy. His off the red carpet looks spark so much joy for me. You can always see from his posts that he's happy, and that alone makes me feel amazing."

Tara Swennen
Adir Abergel

Tara Swennen

Above: Actress Kristen Stewart dresses in vintage at the Telluride Film Festival in California in order to promote the idea of sustainable fashion.

"A small step that I am taking is ensuring that I pull pieces that have already been worn."

Editorial and campaign stylist Tara Swennen got her start assisting Rachel Zoe out of LA. After forging her own path and fostering an impressive group of clients, she has since joined the Costume Designers Guild and was awarded best vegan fashion stylist at Vegan Fashion Week in 2019.

Clients For 2022: Kristen Stewart (above), Matthew McConaughey, Allison Janney, and Lana Condor

Approach to Dressing: "One of the main purposes that drives me currently is sustainability. A small step that I am taking is ensuring that I pull pieces that have already been worn for my fittings. I want to change the narrative when it comes to wearing things only once and getting a 'Who Wore It Best' in the public eye. I have also partnered with Affirm to encourage consumers to shop consciously and wisely at online secondhand platforms."

Zadrian + Sarah
Getty | Amy Sussman

Zadrian + Sarah

Above: Actress Ariana DeBose wears Bibhu Mohapatra spring 2022 to the LACMA Art + Film Gala presented by Gucci in LA.

Zadrian Smith and Sarah Edmiston are brand consultants, red carpet, and editorial stylists who travel between London, New York, LA, and Paris. Their mission is to showcase their client's identity through clothing, so the outfits they create become a sign of respect for each person's unique personality.

Clients For 2022: Asante Black, Ariana DeBose (above), Kosar Ali, Bukky Bakray, and Paul Mescal

"We want to make sure that our client roster is a diverse mix and representative of the global community at large."

Approach to Dressing: "We feel as if the DNA of our partnership has always been to really reflect and honestly represent the talent that we work with. We want to make them feel like they're being heard, that their style direction feels authentic, and that they're seeing their personal preferences or religious identities honored in the narrative we've created together. Young clients these days are often wonderfully vocal about these things and want to be involved. For us, it's about continuing to work with brands that are willing to collaborate; it's not, 'I'm going to put you in XYZ designer because that's what actors at your level wear,' it's more, 'We're going to work with this designer for our client, because the brand prioritizes honoring their identity and making them feel seen and stylish, and will create wonderful, unique moments for them.' We want to make sure that our client roster is a diverse mix and representative of the global community at large, and that their style is too."

Shalev Lavàn
Getty | Jason Mendez

Shalev Lavàn

Above: Singer, model, and fashion creative Justine Skye wears Kim Shui at the brand's spring 2022 runway show during New York Fashion Week.

Shalev Lavàn was born In Tel Aviv, Israel, and is currently based in LA, where he leads production on magazine cover shoots, TV, campaigns, and the red carpet. Israel has named him one of the top fashion stylists and art directors.

Clients For 2022: Shira Haas, Poppy, Noa Kirel, Justine Skye (above), and Charlotte Lawrence

"My purpose when working with someone is to create a moment that makes them feel confident."

Approach to Dressing: "My purpose when working with someone is to create a moment that makes them feel confident and guides them to embrace their uniqueness. I like connecting with my clients on a more personal level where I can truly understand their essence and highlight their qualities with specific pieces. Moving forward, my vision is to support independent designers and create real connections with everyone who is involved in my journey. Some of my favorite moments are red carpets, especially when it comes to tailoring and fitting. Creating the perfect look together with a brand that was created specifically for my client, then seeing them walking in the look, is priceless."

Enrique Melendez
Getty | Matt Winkelmeyer

Enrique Melendez

Above: Actress Jenna Ortega wears a Gretel Z. gown, Le Silla heels, Heliopolis clutch, and Swarovski earrings for a Golden Globes party.

LA native Enrique Melendez began his career working with The Black Eyed Peas and eventually became chief stylist for founding member That led to a lot more touring and a connection to Bruno Mars, although Enrique is also a red carpet prowess having worked with Disney and CW star Jenna Ortega since she was 14, largely contributing to her style evolution. Enrique believes that true collaboration takes a lot of trust, and that stylists and their clients have to be more open with each other than anyone else on the glam squad.

Clients For 2022: Jenna Ortega (above), Mckenna Grace, Algee Smith, Julia Butters, and Diego Tinoco

"I always want them to feel empowered and not a slave to what the media says they should be wearing."

Approach to Dressing: "I can dress you in the latest and greatest on the runways of Paris, and it will look amazing, but if my client doesn't feel the same because the look doesn't mirror their personal style, then it's pointless. If I sense ANY bit of discomfort, the look is getting scrapped. My clients and I collaborate and discuss options for the event, their role in the film or show, and then find something that we both LOVE. It's important to nurture a style evolution of all my clients, especially the younger ones. With my ladies, I always want them to feel empowered and not a slave to what the media says they should be wearing. I strive to dress them tastefully and I always want them to know that I 100 percent have their back. I look to align my clients with specific brands that we feel capture their personal style. For example, Jenna Ortega pairs well with Valentino, Algee Smith with Prada and Versace, and Julia Butters with Christian Siriano. This helps to build strong relationships with mutually desired fashion houses."