Step Into Pride Month With a 10-Minute Walking Workout

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Join Supernatural coach Raneir Pollard and celebrate Pride month with this 10-minute at-home walking workout alongside class members Ellie Aviles and Madisyn Maniff. This routine can be done anywhere, anytime — no equipment needed — and you don't even need to go outside. Put on a colorful workout set and don't be afraid to shine your light; this routine will make you feel like you're marching toward your best self and stepping over any negativity, thanks to Pollard's infectious energy and sense of humor. Get ready to work up a sweat and celebrate Pride in the process, whether you're part of the LGBT+ community or a supportive ally.

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Pollard's top: Alo, shorts: Rhone, shoes: APL. Aviles's outfit: Old Navy, shoes: APL. Maniff's outfit: Vuori, shoes: APL.