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15-Minute Toning, Sculpting Yoga Flow From Arianna Elizabeth

Crunch, Lunge, and Squat With This 15-Minute Toning and Sculpting Yoga Flow

Arianna Elizabeth, RYT 500, has graced us with many yoga videos: there was her flow for cramps, her stretching bed sequence, and her beginner-friendly "day of rest" flow. Now, to help you "kick it up a notch," as she put it, she's released a sculpting yoga video to help you build strength while focusing on balance, stability, and flexibility.

If you hit play, Elizabeth will walk you through a range of poses and strength exercises. There are variations of mountain climbers, split squats in between Crescent and Warrior 2, as well as Chair Pose-inspired and sumo squat holds. Our legs are shaking just watching! You'll end with some core work on your back (think: bicycle crunches) and poses like Happy Baby, plus seated stretches for your neck and spine. Are you in, or are you in?

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