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20-Minute Beginner-Friendly Yoga Flow For Gratitude

Find Your Sense of Calm and Gratitude With This 20-Minute "Day of Rest" Yoga Flow

Arianna Elizabeth, 500-HR RYT-certified yoga teacher, recently released a yoga flow that checks all of our boxes: it's not super long (takes less than 20 minutes), it is beginner-friendly, and it promotes relaxation and reconnecting with gratitude. Elizabeth filmed this on a Sunday, but it can be done any day you need to find a sense of rest and moment of pause.

The flow itself includes guided breathing — visualizing the inhalation of gratitude and the exhalation of negativity — spinal rolls, core work with brief plank holds, and stretches for your chest, back, hamstrings, and more. Some specific poses include Child's Pose, Downward Dog, Forward Fold, Chair Pose, and Wide Squat (our favorite is the sumo-squat-esque Goddess Pose). You'll loosen up your muscles and practice balance all while building a bit of heat in your core, lower body, and arms.

"Just a reminder that you are still here and you're still alive and you are still present," Elizabeth offers at the end of the flow. For more from her, check out a this yoga flow you can do entirely in bed. And, if you're still feeling like you want to stretch out pent-up tension, try this 30-minute flow for anxiety and stress brought to you by a different yoga instructor. Take the time you need for yourself today — it'll be worth it.

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