Relieve Your Cramps and Stomach Pain With Arianna Elizabeth's Gentle 25-Minute Yoga Flow

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It was that time of the month when Arianna Elizabeth, RYT 500, fittingly filmed a yoga flow for stomach pain and cramp relief (with a laugh, she alludes to wearing dark leggings). In the video above, she'll walk you through poses that are low to the ground and put pressure on your stomach: Child's Pose and Locust Pose, for example. You'll flow into Downward Facing Dog, Malasana, or Wide Squat, as well as standing poses. You'll fold and twist your torso and end with a long period of Savasana on your back and Fetal Pose on your side.

Elizabeth welcomes you to bring your palms to your forehead before closing the session. "Remind yourself that even when it gets challenging, maybe through irritation, frustration, worry, anxiety, just know that you have the choice right here to still make your day, make your space, what it is," Elizabeth says. She then welcomes you to bring your palms to your lips as a reminder of mindful speech and to place your palms by your heart as a symbol of love. Be gentle with yourself when you're in physical discomfort, but also every day.

If you're looking for more yoga flows for period cramps, check out this seven-pose sequence recommended by a yoga instructor and ob-gyn. Plus, try Elizabeth's bed yoga, body-scan meditation, or day-of-rest flow.