This 30-Minute Full-Body Cardio and Barre Toning Workout Leaves No Muscle Unworked

Jake DuPree is back to take you through a nonstop cardio and full-body toning workout. We have an exclusive five-minute preview of the workout that includes an intense warmup with moves like mountain climbers and jump squats that will have you feeling breathless fast. You can find the full 30-minute workout on PopSugar's new fitness and wellness marketplace, Glow! Grab a pair of light free weights to take it up a level (and really burn out your arms)!

On Jake: Lululemon outfit and Nike shoes. On Tarra: MPG sport top, Goldsheep leggings, and Reebok shoes. On Jenny: Reebok top, Goldsheep leggings, and
APL shoes. Manduka Mats

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