This 15-Minute Standing Booty Burnout Will Toast Your Glutes

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Get ready to work out with Supernatural coach Raneir Pollard, who will be leading this 15-minute booty burnout joined by class members Chelsey Cioli and Leilani Terris. This high-energy circuit is a perfect add-on to any cardio or strength-training routine, or you can do it on its own when you only have 15 minutes to work out. You'll fire up your entire lower body — and especially your glutes — with moves like squats, leg lifts, and lateral jumps. This workout is all standing, with no equipment needed, so you can get it done anytime, anywhere.

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Pollard's top: Alo Yoga // Shorts: Rhone // Shoes: APL

Cioli's outfit: Vuori // Shoes: APL

Terris's outfit: Uniqlo // Shoes: APL

Image Source: POPSUGAR Video

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