These Women Lost 75 Pounds, and Their Transformation Photos Prove You Can Do It Too

Find instant inspiration for your own weight-loss journey by scrolling through these amazing before-and-after photos. They all lost 75 pounds through hard work, dedication, and consistency. It wasn't easy, but they did it. And you can do it, too!

"Better than the scale victories are the nonscale ones. Energy, mental clarity, reduced inflammation, glowing skin, and improved sleep quality, to name a few. I have gained support, personal growth, encouragement, and a whole new community of friends who I treasure."

"Time flies when your [sic] transforming to a Vegan 🌱"

"I contemplated posting this because my recent picture is far from perfect. I see so many imperfections that I'm sure 98% of you don't even see. But then I did the side by side and was proud of the progress I have made and the work I have put it in. My body is never going to be perfect, but I sure am learning to love it."

"What a difference a year can make!"

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"75 POUNDS DOWN and counting ..... "

"It took me many failed tries to finally make health happen. But, I'd say it's so worth it. Find YOUR why!"

"I know I got this, I wont give up . . . not this time."


"There are three things you should never stop improving: your health, your happiness, and your wardrobe."

"Ready for ya 2019 💪🏼"

"I remember being so proud of the picture on the left. I had lost 30 pounds. Look at me now . . . #75poundsdown."

"We're all here trying to heal ourselves mentally and physically and it doesn't matter how fast or how slow you go as long you're moving forward. I've been so down on myself when I should be so proud . . . maintaining a 75 lb weight loss is huge and it's no easy feat. So let's choose to celebrate our milestones, no matter how big or small, because progress is still progress."

"This transformation changed my life as well as gave me more confidence in myself than I have ever had before in my life."


"Beautiful girl, you can do hard things 💕✨ Always remember, you are worth it!"