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Almaz Ayana Breaks Women's 10K World Record

This Superhuman Olympic Runner Just Ran a 10K Faster Than Most People Run 2 Miles

In today's news about superhumans of the world, Ethiopia's own Almaz Ayana — who we can only assume eats Olympic glory for breakfast and has a bionic body — just won the women's 10,000 meter final. With that, she set a new world record of 29:17.45. As you can see in the above photo, she is literally flying.

First off, let's establish that a 10K is just over six miles, about six and a quarter. For reference, that means Almaz runs about a 4:42-minute mile FOR SIX MILES. That also makes her speed approximately 13 miles per hour, which is probably faster than the max speed in my hybrid. It also means that Almaz can run a 10K in less time than it takes to bake cinnamon rolls. In about the same time it takes for us to sit down and watch an episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Almaz runs over six miles. How is she a real person?

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