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Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats

Day 2 Breakfast: Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats

Prep Notes:

  • This recipe makes three 3/4-cup servings. Eat one serving of the the overnight oats for breakfast today, one serving as a snack tomorrow on Day 3, and the remaining portion for Day 4 breakfast.
  • Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats

    From C&J Nutrition

    Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats


    1. 1 1/4 cups rolled oats
      1 3/4 cups unsweetened almond milk
      2 teaspoons maple syrup
      1 teaspoon vanilla extract
      1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
      1 medium apple, chopped (divided)
    1. Topping:
      2 tablespoons chopped walnuts


    1. In a medium bowl or storage container, stir together oats, almond milk, maple syrup, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and 1/2 of the apple, chopped. Cover and let sit in the refrigerator until the oats soak up the milk and soften, overnight or for at least 4 hours.
    2. For this breakfast, serve 3/4 cup of the oats topped with the remaining chopped apple and walnuts.


    Calories: 357.5
    Protein: 8.645 g
    Carbohydrate: 50.9 g
    Dietary Fiber: 8.153 g
    Total Sugars: 17.9 g
    Total Fat: 14.4 g
    Saturated Fat: 1.405 g
    Sodium: 116.8 mg

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