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Beachbody Ab Exercise

This Move From a Beachbody Trainer May Be the Most Effective Ab Exercise We've Ever Seen

Beachbody trainer Autumn Calabrese, creator of the 21-Day Fix, loves to share her favorite moves from her latest program, 80-Day Obsession. We've seen her booty-sculpting cardio moves and the full-body move called the surrender to shoulder press.

She's back on Instagram, this time showing us this effective core-carving move. You can use paper plates on carpet or small towels on wood floor if you don't have gliders. It may look simple, but moving slowly and with control will really fire up your abs.

Autumn wrote, "I love seeing my progress and just how far I've come since the beginning when I first started developing the program. Stronger doesn't mean easier, by the way. It never gets easier; you get better. Keep pushing your limits."

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