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Beachbody Cardio Exercises

These 3 Booty-Shaping Moves From a Beachbody Trainer Are Intense, but They Work!

Want to get your cardio on without going on a run or hopping on a machine? In her latest Instagram post, Beachbody trainer Autumn Calabrese, creator of the 21 Day Fix, shows us three bodyweight cardio moves you can do at home. These are from her new workout program 80 Day Obsession, and they're all about sculpting the booty and legs. You can even hear her voice in the background as she's following along to her own workout video!

The caption says, "Cardio flow, 10 exercises, 10 rounds in just over 30 min." This is just a snippet showing three moves. The first one is a variation of a jump squat (holy thigh burner!). The second is a one-legged kickback — moving slowly with control is what makes this one effective. The third exercise is a variation of forward and backward walking lunges. We love her smile and happy energy, but that doesn't make our buns and legs hurt any less!

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