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How to Do a Good Morning Exercise

Tighten Up Your Lower Abs With This No-Equipment Move

This no-equipment-necessary move is an excellent way to work the booty and hamstrings while tightening up that often-overlooked lower part of your midsection. The good morning is also a great exercise to perfect your form for a deadlift.

Here's how to do a good morning — make sure you're activating that lower ab section (transverse abdominis) and keeping your core stable to protect your back.

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart and place your hands on your hips (or at the back of your head) with your elbows opened wide.
  • Pull your abs to your spine and keep your back neutral while pressing your butt backward, hinging at the hips, until your back is almost parallel to the floor.
  • Keep a slight bend in your knees as you hinge forward.
  • Return to standing, squeezing your glutes when you are upright to reset. This completes one rep.
  • Repeat as many times as you can for 60 seconds.
Image Source: POPSUGAR Studios
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