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How to Listen to Your Body

#LoveYourBody Day 6: Start Listening to What Matters

When I'm going through a tough time, I develop a strange penchant of ignoring my body's needs. Sometimes its a few hours, other times it's a few days, but inevitably, I'll suddenly wake up from a stressed haze only to realize I've totally let go of all the things I do that make me feel whole, strong, and beautiful. Rather than treat these activities as another thing I have to do when I'm all ready feeling bogged down, I start paying attention to what I really want. Your body is constantly communicating its needs to you; you just have to be willing to listen.

Instead of mindlessly snacking away when you have little appetite, wait for a little hunger to set in. I am part of the population that has a tendency to overeat when I'm stressed, sad, or feeling out of sorts, but there is one tip from Gabrielle Bernstein that has totally transformed my relationship with emotional eating. Her tried-and-true test that works every time? "Check in and see if you're breathing while you eat." According to Gabrielle, if your breath is harried, short, or strained while you're eating — or as you're deciding what to eat — chances are your eating habits are tied up in your emotional state. Since adopting this practice into my life, I have developed a way healthier relationship with meal time.

Sleep is also a big one that falls by the wayside when we are busy or having a tough time, but there is no better way to take care of your needs (both emotional and physical) than getting quality sleep every night. When you're willing to listen, your body will give you the cue when its time to hit the hay and get those recommended seven to nine hours of sleep. If you find that your anxiety is sky-high before bed time or you just can't seem to relax, try this breathing trick that has helped tons of people feel better faster and get to sleep sooner.


Learn more about the Love Your Body action plan here. It's time to be kind to yourself.

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