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How to Start a Bullet Journal For Your Fitness Goals

This Is How I Bullet Journal My Fitness and Nutrition Goals Every Day to Stay on Track

How to Start a Bullet Journal For Your Fitness Goals

You have probably heard of a hundred different ways to track your fitness goals and progress electronically — OK, maybe not a hundred, but you know there are a lot of fitness apps, tracking bracelets, and even rings that record your steps, weight, and sleep. I've tried a bunch of different tools myself, but sometimes you're just a pen-and-paper person, and a good bullet journal is what you need to stay consistent.

Bullet journaling has been a great asset to my fitness and nutrition goals. Not only does it allow me to be creative and offers a fun activity at the beginning and end of every day, it also gives me a wide visual representation of how I'm doing overall, in life, on my way to my target. It doesn't just include number metrics like weight or how many workouts I did in a week. It includes whatever else I want to focus on in my journey to better health, whether that's more self-awareness, more time meditating, or calories or water consumption.

A bullet journal can be overwhelming to start and requires some preparation, but I promise that after you draw out a plan (quite literally), you'll be happy you did it. This is how to get started.

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