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New Halo Top Flavors Taste Test

We Got the New Flavors of Halo Top's Healthy Ice Cream (Spoiler Alert: the Cookie Dough Is Insane)

The second batch of Halo Top flavors debuted late last year, and when the frosty shipment came to the POPSUGAR offices, we collectively lost our sh*t. Seeing as how the first time we tried Halo Top's original flavors we ended up with best taste test results ever, we've been craving this healthy ice cream ever since.

A quick refresher: Halo Top is high-protein, low-calorie, low-carb, and low-sugar. Not that we'd ever encourage you to polish off a pint solo, but if you accidentally happened to do so, it wouldn't be the worst thing to ever happen to you.

The new flavors we sampled were chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate almond crunch, salted caramel, pistachio, black cherry, peanut butter cup, red velvet, s'mores, and oatmeal cookie. They've also launched cookies n' cream, but that flavor was so good it just happened to uh . . . mysteriously disappear . . .


Here's what went down with the flavors, in our editors' own words, from "pretty good" to "HOLY SH*T."

Black Cherry

  • "Tastes like fake sugar."
  • "A bit fake tasting."
  • "Tastes like fake cherry candy."

Chocolate Almond Crunch

  • "Too much almond." (this was said about four times)
  • "Marzipany"
  • "I actually really like the amaretto flavor . . . tastes like amaretto hot chocolate, but frozen."
  • "I like this but it maybe needs more chocolate."

Sea Salt Caramel

  • "Not enough sea salt."
  • "Kinda tastes like diet ice cream."
  • "Too sweet, missing the salt"
  • "Don't taste the sea salt, but still good."


  • "I don't even know what this tastes like but I love it."
  • "Why do I taste coffee?"
  • "Doesn't really taste like s'mores."
  • "Pass."
  • "Almost caramel in flavor, no hint of marshmallow."

Peanut Butter Cup

  • "I like it but I don't love it."
  • "Good PB flavor, but it's like a fro-yo that's trying to be an ice cream. Trying really hard."
  • "Needs more peanut butter cup."
  • "Eeeeh . . . this ain't cuttin' it."
  • "Tastes good, but where are the actual peanut butter cups?"
  • "Like the ribbons of peanut butter."


  • "Tastes like marzipan."
  • "YUM. Sweet, but tasty."
  • "Very creamy, sweet . . . weird aftertaste."
  • "Very sweet and smooth, but lack of flavor notes (vanilla-like)."
  • "Meh."
  • "I like the pistachio flavor, but there's a fake sweetness to it, much like my ex BF."
  • "Yes! Not too sweet and doesn't taste too healthy."

Red Velvet

  • "My favorite. Creamy and yummy."
  • "Love the chocolate pieces."
  • "Pretty good, especially for 360 calories a pint!"
  • "Like the chunks of chocolate."

Oatmeal Cookie

  • "Favorite! I love the real oats; nice texture and flavor."
  • "Has the oatmeal texture."
  • "Most on point, flavor-wise. Has a good balance of sugar, flavor, and cream."
  • "Like if oatmeal cookies and ice cream had a delicious baby."
  • "YES! Not too sweet."

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

  • "This is DELICIOUS."
  • "HOLY SH*T."
  • "This one is so so so so good!!!"
  • "SO yummy!!!"
  • "The best of the bunch!"

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