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Should I Use Feminine Wipes?

An OB/GYN Says You Should Always Have This 1 Thing in Your Beach Bag

Photographer: Sheila GimNo Restrictions: Editorial and internal use approved. OK for Native and co-branded use.

So you've packed up your beach bag for the day: sunscreen, a good book, sunglasses, and maybe a bottle of Rosé. But there's one thing you may have forgotten about that could make a huge difference in your feminine health and overall hygiene.

After spending a day at the beach, lake, or in a pool, OB/GYN Sherry Ross, MD, author of She-ology. The Definitive Guide to Women's Intimate Health. Period, recommends using a feminine wipe to clean the outside of your vagina.

"I like using feminine vaginal wipes to take with you so you can clean the outside of the vagina and remove the harmful pool chemicals or beach bacteria," she told POPSUGAR. "Vaginal wipes are great for quick Summer cleaning when you cannot take a shower to remove unwanted bacteria."


She recommends the vaginal wipes from Summer's Eve ($13 for a pack of four on, but there are other brands who make similar, pH-balanced wipes, such as Always ($15 for a pack of two on, Genneve ($12 on, and SweetSpot Labs ($25 for a pack of three on

Just be mindful that some women may be sensitive to some of the ingredients in certain wipes. And while feminine wipes aren't always a necessity, they may be beneficial after a day spent outdoors, especially if you can't make it to a shower right away.

"Vaginal wipes used on the vulva and opening of the vagina are safe as long as they are made specially for the vagina," Dr. Ross told POPSUGAR.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim
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