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Too Anxious to Sleep? Try This One Thing Tonight!

Can't sleep before a big interview, test, or event? I am totally one of those people who toss and turn, constantly looking at the clock and counting the lack of sleep I am getting before something that is making me nervous. I've tried to get myself to bed at reasonable times and make sure I do everything I can to get enough sleep. But, without a doubt, trying to force myself to sleep is impossible. So since Huffington Post cofounder and editor in chief Arianna Huffington wrote an entire book on getting zzz's, I asked her how she handles this type of anxious energy, and she had a great tip!

She said, "The more anxious you are, or the more worried about something you are, the more important it is to prolong and deepen the transition of sleep — to make the bath longer, to make the lights lower, to make the room darker. Whatever it is that gives you enough time to transition to sleep. Take longer breaths through meditation. And also trust that there are natural ways to fall asleep."

So, the recipe for great sleep will be different for everyone and every environment, but the key ingredient is to give in and extend that amount of time you normally take to wind down. Basically wear yourself out as you are getting ready. Try testing out whether a long bath, lighting, reading a book, or one of Arianna's go-to guided meditation exercises will take you there. Good luck!

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