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Who Is Gus Kenworthy?

5 Fun Facts That'll Make You Fall a Little More in Love With Olympian Gus Kenworthy

Gus Kenworthy — the Olympic silver medalist? The guy who isn't afraid to voice his views and opinions? The total heartthrob who makes us weak at the knees? Yeah, you could say that we're big fans of him! Gus competed in his first Winter Games in 2014, where he took home the silver medal in Sochi, Russia. He will be going for gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, and you know we'll be rooting for him! But before we watch him shred the mountains in freestyle skiing, there are a couple things you need to know about the 26-year-old action sports star that will probably make you love him even more.

He Was Born in London but Considers Himself American

When the Sochi Olympics came about, Gus had the choice to compete for England. After all, he was born in London and his mother is British. However, he grew up in the United States, and this is where all of his friends and sponsors are. He also didn't want to choose the cop-out just because it would be less stress. Gus considers himself American — no British accent here! Aren't you glad he decided on Team USA?!

He Loves Puppies Just as Much as You Do

During the Sochi Winter Games, Gus found stray puppies and wanted to bring them home with him. After getting them vaccinated and healthy enough to fly, he did just that!

He Is as Brave as They Come

It takes a very strong person to come out on the cover of ESPN The Magazine, and although he was nervous, he told the publication that he was ready to let everyone see him for him. When he made the announcement in October 2015, he became the first action sports athlete to come out publicly.

He Almost Quit Skiing Altogether

After taking home the silver medal in Sochi, Gus went on to the X Games in Aspen, where he did not win any medals — the next day, he called his father and told him he was done. A few months before that, his relationship with his boyfriend had ended and he was struggling with coming out. But Gus listened to his father's and agent's advice and pushed on to the next season — and look where he is now!

He Might Be the Hottest Uncle Ever

Gus is the youngest of three boys and happens to make the cutest duo with his niece — even if she's still too young to appreciate her uncle's skiing skills!

To learn more about Gus, visit Team USA. The Winter Olympics begin Feb 8.

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